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Passengers aboard the Mohawk

                           6 July 1802
                           Ship Mohawk
                    Port of Londonderry via Wilmington to Philadelphia

Ship = Mohawk: Master = John Barry: From = Londonderry: Burthen = 292 tons:
Built at = Hudson: State of = New York: Owned by = John K. Helmuth:
Of =
Philadelphia: Bound for = Philadelphia:


Note no places of residence stated but passengers in the main from Counties Tyrone Londonderry and Donegal
Passengers Names    Steerage/Cabin           Packages
John Alexander       Steerage                One Trunk
Robert Alexander     Steerage                Two Boxes
William Irwin        Steerage                One Bag
James Alexander      Steerage
Jane Alexander       Steerage
John Ramage          Steerage
Benjamin Ramage      Steerage
William Thompson     Steerage
Ann Thompson         Steerage
Anthony Dougherty    Steerage
John Wilson          Steerage
William Barnes       Steerage
John Hasting         Steerage
Jane Dougherty       Steerage
William Hammond      Steerage                One Bundle (Landed)
William Orr          Steerage                One Chest
Jane Egan            Steerage                One Bundle
James Egan           Steerage
Bryan McLoughlin     Steerage
H McFall             Steerage
John Thompson        Steerage                One Chest (Landed)
James Fitzpatrick    Steerage                One Bundle (Landed)
George Smyth         Steerage
John Anderson        Steerage
William Long         Steerage                One Bundle
John Ramsey          Steerage
Two children         Steerage
Benjamin Ramage      Steerage                Three Bundles
Margaret Ramage      Steerage                One Chest
Ann Ramage           Steerage                One Barrel
Jane Ramage          Steerage
John Crozier         Steerage                One Chest (Landed)
Sarah Crozier        Steerage                One Chest (Landed)
One child            Steerage
William Thompson     Steerage                One Chest
Grace Thompson       Steerage                One Bundle (Landed)
John Thompson        Steerage
Two children         Steerage
David Eaton          Steerage                One Chest (Landed)
Cath Eaton          Steerage                One Chest (Landed)
Jane Eaton           Steerage                One Bag
John Eaton           Steerage
Two children         Steerage
Anthony Dougherty    Steerage
Jane Dougherty       Steerage
John Walker          Steerage                Two Chest
Jane Walker          Steerage                One Barrel
Catharine Reilly     Steerage                One Chest
Patrick Diver        Steerage
Alex Kinnier         Steerage                One Barrel (landed)
Ann Kinnier          Steerage                One Chest
Elizabeth Kinnier    Steerage
Joseph Kinnier       Steerage
Three children       Steerage
James Alexander      Steerage                One Chest (landed)
Jane Alexander       Steerage
Three children       Steerage
John Alexander       Steerage
John McCoy           Steerage
James McCoy          Steerage
Hesther McCoy        Steerage                One Chest (Landed)
John McCoy           Steerage                One Bundle
Sarah McCoy          Steerage
Joseph McCoy         Steerage
John Neilson         Steerage                One Chest (Landed)
Lillas Mc[F]itrick   Steerage
Jane Mc[F]itrick     Steerage
Cathe Mc[Fitrick     Steerage
Jane Boggs           Steerage                Two Chests (Landed)
Ann Boggs            Steerage
John Wilson          Steerage
Thomas Wilson        Steerage
James [D?]ogall      Steerage
John Russell         Steerage
Denis McMahon        Steerage
Hugh Lynch           Steerage
Danl McIlveney       Steerage
William Bell         Steerage
Angus Bell           Steerage
Elizabeth Bell       Steerage
John Bell            Steerage
John Allen           Steerage                One Chest
Hugh Moore           Steerage                Two Chests (Landed)
James Higgins        Steerage                Two Bags (Landed)
John Colvin          Steerage
William Colvin       Steerage
George Lipset        Steerage
Michael Mallon       Steerage
Oliver Irwin         Steerage                One Chest
William Buchanan     Steerage
Samuel Miller        Steerage
Mrs McKenzie         Steerage
Mrs McKenzie         Steerage
John Connolly        Steerage
Thomas Ramage        Steerage
Richard McFarland    Steerage
Fredrick Allison     Steerage
William Ramage       Steerage
William Byrne        Steerage                One Chest
Ezekiel Byrne        Steerage
Thomas Stevenson     Steerage                One Box
Jane Nesbit          Steerage                One Bundle (Landed)
Ann Nesbit           Steerage                One Bedding
Richard Nesbit       Steerage
John James           Steerage
Benjamin Quin        Steerage
Roger Quin           Steerage
Thomas Hammond       Steerage
James Long           Steerage                One Chest
Samual Scott         Steerage                One Chest
Robert Lynd          Steerage                One Bundle (Landed)
Tully Mallon         Steerage
Margaret McCrea      Steerage
Jane McCoy           Steerage                One Chest
Abraham McCoy        Steerage                One Bundle
Margaret McCoy       Steerage
William Mc[F?]itrick Steerage                One Chest & Bundle
Neilis McElier       Steerage
Sally Simpson        Steerage                One Chest (Landed)
Jane Simpson         Steerage
Martha Buchanan      Steerage
Margaret Buchanan    Steerage
Phelix McConnigal    Steerage                Four Bundles
William Corrigan     Steerage                One Chest
Anne Bateman         Steerage    Sailor's Family
John Bateman         Steerage    Sailor's Family
Anne Bateman         Steerage    Sailor's Family
A child              Steerage
Michael Tinyan       Steerage                One Bundle (Landed)
George Harkins       Steerage
John Harkins         Steerage
Mary Griffin         Steerage
Joseph Cooper        Steerage                One Chest  (Landed)
William Cooper       Steerage
James Farley         Steerage
Mary Graham          Steerage
John McCutchin       Steerage                Smith Tools Loose (Landed)
John Alexander       Steerage                Two Casks
Michael McGinnis     Steerage                One Bag
Hugh McTaggart       Steerage
Neal Dolan           Steerage
John Divin           Steerage                One Box Three Bundles
James Morris         Steerage
Bryan Kearney        Steerage
James Millon         Steerage
J Wilson             Steerage
Martha Wilson        Steerage
Margt Wilson         Steerage
Andrew Coscaden      Steerage
John McGonnigal      Steerage
Pat Duffy            Steerage
Charles McGetrick    Steerage
John A. McClintock   Cabin
James McMenemy       Steerage                One Chest (Landed)
Alexander Richardson Steerage                One Chest One Bundle (Landed)
William Ellis        Cabin                   Two Trunks Bed & Bedding (Landed)
Jane Curran          Steerage
Magaret Curran       Steerage
Elenor Curran        Steerage
James White          Steerage
Beroy ? McCafferty   Steerage
Jos Brown            Steerage
Michael Hart         Steerage
Bryan Green          Steerage
Richard Irwin        Steerage
Cathe Reed           Steerage
John Hastings        Steerage
Anne Hastings        Steerage
James Hastings       Steerage
Elizabeth Hastings   Steerage
Angus Reed           Steerage                Two Chest Two Beds
Richard Hillis       Steerage
John McBride         Steerage
James Graham         Steerage                One Chest
Rd McReath           Steerage                One Chest
Duncan Smyth         Steerage
Thomas Armstrong     Steerage                One Barrel (Landed)
James Armstrong      Steerage
Richard Alexander    Steerage
Wm Irwin             Steerage                Two Boxes One barrel
Alexr McMullan       Steerage                One Chest
Alexr Holmes         Steerage
John Davison         Steerage
James Callaher       Steerage
Richard Kinkead      Steerage
James McIver         Steerage
Sarah Alexander      Steerage
Jane Byrne           Steerage                One Trunk One Box
Agnes McCamish       Steerage
James Byrne          Steerage
Jane Byrne           Steerage
Cathe Cavanagh       Steerage
Agnes Fearins        Steerage
Jane Bell            Steerage
James Greer          Steerage                One Bundle (Landed)
Mary Greer           Steerage
Elizabeth Greer      Steerage
Andrew Oliver        Steerage                One Chest (Landed)
Sarah Oliver         Steerage                One Chest (Landed)
Anne Oliver          Steerage
Mary Oliver          Steerage
Jos Oliver           Steerage
Rachael Oliver       Steerage
Constina Smyth       Steerage
Elizabeth McKeown    Steerage
George McKeown       Steerage
David McWilliams     Steerage
Martha McWilliams    Steerage
Mary McWilliams      Steerage
Marg McWilliams      Steerage
David McWilliams     Steerage
Thomas McWilliams    Steerage
James McWilliams     Steerage
Henry McMahon        Steerage                One Chest
John Hopkins         Steerage                One Chest
James Scott          Steerage                One Bundle (Landed)
Con Dougherty        Steerage     Sailor
H. McAkan            Steerage
William Stevenson    Steerage
John McCreery        Steerage
Eleonar White        Steerage
Hugh Walker          Steerage
Terence O'Neill      Steerage                One Chest




















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