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Irish Passenger Lists

Irish Passenger Lists St. George - London - Waterford - Maryland - Oct 7, 1677 Following is the passenger list for the St. George, a merchant ship that sailed from Waterford, Ireland to Maryland (port unknown) in 1677, carrying 180 passengers. \"Oct. 7 1677 Portsmouth. Ralegh Hull to Robert Yard. This morning sailed from Spithead the St. George of London for Waterford Ireland and thence for Maryland, wind N. E.\" On November 1, 1678, John Quigley, a merchant captain, not the captain of the ship, appeared before the Secretary of Maryland and applied for land warrants for transporting 180 settlers into the province on the ship St. George of London. Following is the list of settlers. The original spelling is duplicated, along with the original order of names. Michaell Delany John Butler Michaell Dormedy Edmd. McMahony Charles Quigley Owen Carty Stephen Walton John Power Terrance Quigley James Carty Jefry Sweetman Pat Bryan Larance Quigley Dennis Carty Luke FitzGerald Thomas Coleman Lionell Girlings Daniel Shea John Rogers Andrew Simons Darby Dillan Thomas Shea David Hughes Thos. Owens Ebenezer Reed Phillip Walsh Margt. Doubin Peter James Anthony Coleman Patrick Melly Ann Crawford Wm. Gregory William Dunn Henry Murphy Jane Warwick Thomas Morris Matthew Quigley John Sealy Ann Coburne John Hilliard Canice Quigley Agustus Quigley Susan Lane Peter Coveny Christ. Everit Jane Murphy Dorothy Symot Laughlin Dayly Jane Quigley Ann Cantwell Elan Dalton George Fingles Cate Quigley Margt. Prince Margaret Haynes William Ogan Daniell Quigley Margaret Sullivan Honer Conner William Hannagh Jane Shea Wm. Hearbottle Ellen Fanin William Cocheran Cate Quigley Richard Bonny Honner Coghlin John Bise Margt. Quigley Edmond Hallison Honner Bryan Hugh Mullin Ellinor Shigins Thos. Weirdlock Cate Dwyer Thomas Welsh Denis Costican Teady Maher Ellen Cavenah Robert Dunn Cate Costican Edmond Daniel Margt. Jacob James Lane Timothy Leary Richard Maher Mary Kemp Samuel Swallow John Delaney James Alexander Pat. Bryan John Powell William Welsh James Crough Elias Roberts Margaret Corban Mary Langam John Luby or Lusby Fran. Lambseed Giles Kelly Ann Preston Walter English Lars Halandhap Cate Cann Mary Ryan John Butler John Burke Mary Bryan Jane Butler Garrett Russell Edmd. Crafe Mary Sullivan John Francis Tho. Killam Kate Fizgerald John Baker John Duvall Pat Ryan Priscella Dougin William Baker Edmond Daniel Mary Barry Nell Cransbrough Thomas Walker Darby Donoah Ann Screwton Christy Varely James Carew Owen Child Jane Barry Mary Varely Thomas Screwton Tarty? Hogan Margt. Day Jenett Varely Mary Screwton David Roach Mary Kavenagh Elizabeth Varely John Hawkins Phillip Slattery Pat Whelan John Varely John King Toby Butler John Hargreaves Christ. Varely Thomas Rowland David Hendersin Eliz Hargreaves James Varely Roger Doolin Jane Giles Tho. Fizgerald Michael Shea James McOwen Thos. Quigley John Britt James Caroll Richard Ready Morris FizGerald Robt Pendergast Dennis Brothy John Egan William Semple Gart. Lincoln Pat Fannin James O.Cahall Laughlin Eagan Chris. Carwick Jane Mascall Peter Mery Thomas Clinton Ellis Welsh Anthony Arthur Arthur King Shillam Rowland John Hollam Captain John Quigley hath appeared before me and made oath upon the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God that the severall persons within named amounting to the number of one hundred and eighty were by him imported into this province in the Ship St. George, and that neither himself nor any person for him by his consent privity or knowledge hath made use of their or any of their rights for taking up of land according to the condition of plantations. Given under my hand the first day of November anno 1678. Source: Maryland State Archives. Land Office, Patent Records, Liber 15, Folio 553. Annapolis, Maryland: 1678.

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