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The Brig Perserverance



From the Port of Belfast to Port of New York

4th June 1811


 AIKEN,Daniel,               Glasgow Scotland

 DUNWOODY,John,             Belfast

 DUNWOODY,William                    Belfast

 DONALDSON,Thomas,               Cooper Fife Scotland

 DONNELLY, William,               Belfast,

 KENMAR, Andrew,           

 PERMARTIN,James,                 Bangor,

 MCMULLEN,Hugh,                 Co. Down

 MCMURREY,Matthew,               Belfast, 

 MONTGOMERY,Moses his wife and 3 children, Kilkeel County Down

 NIELSON,Elizabeth and 1 child,        Dromore

 PARK,David,                   Belfast, 

 PIPER,Samuel,               Menneyre ?

 RITCHIE,Alex.,               England

 SCOTT,Henry,                  Cooper Fife Scotland

 STEWART,Alexander,               Dunmurry,

 STEWART Andrew his wife and child Stewartstown County Tyrone

 STEWART,Jane  Junior.             Dunmurry

 STEWART,Jane Senior,          Dunmurry

 STEWART,Stephen,                   England,

 STEWART,William,                  Dunmurry,

 WALLACE, George,                    The Town of Antrim,

 WHITE,Alexander,                   Dromore,

 WILSON,Elizabeth,                 Dunmurry,

 WILSON,Robert his wife and 3 children Dunmurry,


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