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Abstract from OS Memoir Billy Parish


The Ordnance Survey Memoirs were written descriptions intended to accompany
the maps of the 1830s which were to be used chiefly for taxation purposes.
Most names recorded in the Memoirs fall into these categories: gentlemen,
school masters, those who have made finds of interest, those on whose
holdings antiquities are to be found and family names on gravestones in the
Parish churchyards. In some Parishes  eg. Ballymoney, there are lists of
subscribers to charitable organisations and lists of the poor who have
received assistance. Names of informants are given along with the location
concerned but this is not necessarily the holding of the informant. The
Memoirs of Parishes (and their parts) in County Derry have detailed lists of
emigrants which is not unfortunately the case with the Parishes of County

For Billy Parish all data of genealogical interest is abstracted here. Where
no year is given it must be assumed that the data was current at the date of
the survey 1838.

Parish of Billy. 1838

William Traill, Esquire, Ballyloughmore. 1830
Reverend Archdeacon Creery, Rector, Billy Glebe. 1830
Hugh Lecky, Esquire, Ardihannon. 1830
Major Stewart, Ardihannon. 1830
Miss Jane Wray, Ardihannon. 1830
Sir Francis Macnaughten knight, landlord of Bushmills. 1830

Alick McMullan (al McCock) guide at Giants Causeway.
Robert McCurdy, Lisserluss.
Ringan Stewart Esq, Ballymoy, 1641.
Robert Doon, Eagry.
James Getty, Carnside.
Neal McCay, Lisnagunogue.
Hugh Anderson Esq, Clogher Anderson.
William Kelsey, Toneduff.
Bartholemy Colgan, Kilcoobin.
Francis OKane, Kilcoobin.
Sam McCurdy, Eagry.
George Fullerton, Ballyness.
Siles Johnstone, Craig.
Robert Given, Lisnagunogue Upper.
James McPherson, Carmoon (Carnmoon).
Miss Henry, Ardihannon.
James Hamill, Straidbilly.
James McCormick, Loughlynch.
James McNeill, Carnbore.
Robert McConaghy, Moycraig.
James Welsh, Moycraig.
Robert Montgomery, Toberdoney.
Robert Huey, grocer, Bushmills.
Charles Douglass Esq, Dervock.
William McAlister, Aird.
Widow McGowan, Clogher.
Daniel Curry, Ardihannon.
James Fullerton, Ballyoglah.
William Hamill, Moycraig.
Daniel Magee, Curramoney.
James Quig, Feigh Mountain (Croyer Whins), 1832.
Hill McKenzie, Dunseverick.
John Grey, John McCurdy and James McCaw, (informants re Billy Church)
William McKenzie, Dunseverick.
William Neil, Eagry.
John Park, Craig.
John Cochrane, Castlenagree.
Patrick OKane, (informant re Cairnkirk).
Samuel Hill, Ballyloughbeg.
Edward Toner, (informant re Ballyloughbeg) .
Richard Gilmore, Castlecat.
James McKenny, Defrick.
John White, Carrowreagh.
Allen Mills, Carrowreagh mountain.
Alexander Washington and James Scullion, (informants re Carrowreagh) .
John McKeown, Cloonty.
William Neill, Loughlynch.
Loughlin Black, Moycraig.
Daniel Knox and Robert Calvert, (informants re Moycraig).
Andrew McLernon, (informant re Aird).
James Fullerton, Aird.
John Kelsey and John McCurdy, (informants re Lisnagunogue) .
James McPharson and Robert Johnston, (informants re Lisnagunogue Upper).
William McNeill and Sam McCurdy, (informants re Ballyness).
Charles Kallaghan, Turfahin.
James McPherson and John McQuitty, (informants re Toberdoney).
James Cochrane, Loughlynch.
Alexander Grimes, (informant re Carnmoon).
Alexander Darragh, Ballylinney.
John Conaghy, Ballymoy.
William Kelsey, Tonduff, 1833.
William and John Kelsey and Michael McAleese, (informants re Ballymoy).
John Kelsey, Tonduff, 1835.
Robert McCurdy, Lisnagunogue, 1828.
John OKane, Carnkirk, 1822.
Robert Deen, Eagry.
John Stewart and William Deen, (informants re Wine Hill south of Bushmills).
Neal McLaughlin, Eagry.
Robert Gamble, late of Bushmills.
John Kenny, Bushmills a few years back.
Reverend Hugh Hammill, Presbyterian minister near Bushmills.
Alexander Kerr, Cloonty bog, 1834.
James McCay, Turfahin bog, 1826.
James McCay (same?) Ballyhemlin.
James McCaw, Craig.
John Taylor, (informant re Craig).
James Magee, Billy, 1834.
John Reid and Hugh Moore, (informants re Billy).
Widow McGown, Clogher.
John Maloy, Clogher.
John McCurdy, Billy churchyard.
Widow Pollock, Ballyloughbeg, 1830.
Archdeacon Traill, 10 years back.
Dr Traill, Ballylough.
John Patrick, (informant re Ballylough).
Robert Moore, Cairnmoon.
Beresford family, latterly occupying Cairnmoon.
David McMullan, (informant re Ardihannon).
Richard Curry, Lisserluss.
Alexander McKeig, (informant re Lisserluss).
William Stewart, Ballynarry Lower.
Simon Simpson, Ballynarry Lower.
James Smyth, Carnbore 1818 and 1838.
James Hammill, Straidbilly.
John McCormick, Loughlynch.
Charles McPherson, (informant re Loughlynch).
James Neill, Carnbore.
John Moore, Liscolman.
James Dinsmoor, Liscolman, some years back.
Neal Cain, Billy.
George Thompson, Glassaneeran.
John Thompson, Moycraig.
John McPherson, Ballyoglah, 1836.
James Mogy, Ballyoglah, 1834.
Daniel Hammill, (informant re Moycraig).
Daniel Knox, Ballyoglah.
Daniel and Robert Calvert, Ballyoglah, 1835.
David Simpson, Glassaneeran.
Robert Linsay, Moycraig.
James Welsh, Moycraig.
John McKeiver, Orble.
Wray McWilliams, Ballymacfin.
Andrew Todd and John McCaw, (informants re Ballymacfin) .
John Ross, Carnmoon.
Stephen Hunter, school master Eagry, Presbyterian.
Robert Dunn, school master Ballyoglough, Presbyterian.
James Curry, school master Ballyalaght, Presbyterian.
Gabriel Clarke, school master Moycraig, Established Church.
Clotworthy McCrum, school master Mosside, Presbyterian.
James McAraul, school master Straidbilly, Presbyterian.
William Johnston, school master Tubbercloney (Toberdoney? ), Presbyterian.
John Pollock, school master Drummiarran, Presbyterian.
Moses McFadden, school master Moycraig, Presbyterian.
Arthur Tutan, school master Burkmills, (Bushmills?) , Established Church.
James Dempsey, school master Ardchinnan, (Ardihannon? ), Established Church.

Family names on stones in Billy graveyard.

Aken, Achison, Anderson, Bell, Boyd, Barber, Barr, McCollum, Curry, Coyl,
Carnegy, McConaghey, McConaughey, McCurdy, Cunningham, Casky, Corkydall,
Corkdell, McCaw, Clark, Diamond, Douglass, Davis, Deen, Darragh, Dickey,
Dinsmoor, McElroy, Ferguson, Fullerton, Getty, Grey, Garmon, Gardle, Garole,
Gannon, Hunter, Hogart, Humes, Hatte, Huey, Forgy, McIninch, Hill, McIlinch,
Johnston, Kerr, McKay, McKinley, McKinlay, Kelly, Lark, Laughlin, Longmoor,
Mogey, Magee, Magown, Moore, Porter, Pollock, McPharson, Patterson,
Robinson, Stewart, Steel, Sharp, Scally, Todd, Taylor, Trail, Wallace,
Walker, McNeil, McNeal.

George A Wray Esq of Red Castle erected a vault in 1837.
Antony Kennedy of Balsarach died 1620.
Reverend John Porter, aged 58, died 1738.
Reverend William Douglass, aged 39, died 1794. Also Mary Stewart, his wife.


Information supplied by Norman Parkes. Thank you.






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