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Catholic Householders in the Parish of Drummaul

 Thanks to Mark Lusby for this extract from "Sweet Drummaul" 

9th July 1848
Assessment of Householders

Parish of Drummaul, Randalstown, CountyAntrim

At a meeting of the Committee held on Sunday, 9th July 1848, Rev. Mr. Curoe in the chair, the following assessment was approved of, as allotted by the sub­committee above appointed. The assessments of 323 heads of households in addition to 26 members of the committee who had already subscribed are given:

1st - Resolved that the above assessment be collected from the people in three instalments, the first payable on the 17th September and the others on dates to be decided.
And whereas Rev. Mr. Curoe wishes to resign his Treasurership and has requested that a sub-committee be appointed to examine the account.

2nd - Resolved that Patrick Macaulay, Esq., be requested to act as Treasurer and that a sub-committee, consisting of James Blayney, Robert Storey, John Bolton, John Hannan, Sen., John O'Kane, William McAuley and James Neilson examine Mr. Curoe's account and report thereon to the General Committee.
Daniel Curoe, Chairman

The names of householders in the assessment by Townland:
Drummaul at Large:
William Neeson, William McAuley, John McAlister, Hugh Henry, Charles Henry, Nicholas McAuley, Hugh McGee, William Glen, John McLaughlin, Hugh Dowd, Hugh McCrorey, William Foster, Thomas McAuley, William McAuley, Innis McGill, John McAuley.

Doctor Laughlin, Miss Conway, Mrs. McKeown, Charles Hart, Hugh McAlister, Mrs. McCann, Mrs. Adams, Mrs. French, Daniel O'Neill, John McQuillan, Edward Rogers, John O'Brian, James Kilpatrick, Patrick Kelly, Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. McNiece, James Mulholland, James McAlister, Patrick McLoughlin, Felix McGee, Charles McKeown, Michael Troy, John Lynn, William Gehan, Harry Couley, Hugh Burns, Hugh Hannin, James O'Hara, Patrick McKeown, Rose Hughes, William Carroll, Patrick Macaulay, Doctor McDonnell, Doctor O'Neill, Bernard McAuley, Peter Neeson, John O'Kane.

Daniel McGill, John McCrory, Widow McCrory, Michael McGee, John Kenney, Bernard Mulholland, Col Blayney, Bernard Kielty, Hugh Kielty, John Gribben, Col McAlister, Samuel Hill, John Murray, John Dowdal, Neal McIlroy, Daniel Kenny, Daniel McLenaghan, John McDonnell, James Martin, Bradohan Burns, Patrick Kielty, James McGroggan, John Gormley, Murtha Boyle, Charles O'Hara, Hugh Heaney, John Mulholland, John Corr, James Murray, John Kielty, Widow McCrory, Francis Martin, Susan Larkin, Patrick Martin, Peter McLoughlin, Charles Martin, Harry McCrory, Alex. Martin, Patrick McAlister, James Blayney, John Hannan, John Hannan, Jun.

Derryhollough and Aghaloughan:
Daniel Gaff, Francis McNight, Widow McGuire, Widow McCormick. James Johnston, James Beaston, Mrs. John Kerr, Daniel O'Neill, Nicholas Duffy, John McLoughlin.

John Bell, Charles Bell, Hugh Quinn, James Hutchinson, William Bell, Felix Devlin, Edward McGuire, Patrick O'Hara, Senr., Con Boyle, Patrick O'Hara, Jun., Daniel McNight, John Storey, Bernard McLaverty, James Neilson, Charles Marrion.

Daniel McCudden, Pat Gormley, Charles McKeown, Patrick Fergus, Edward McGeow, Martin Maloney, Henry O'Neill, James McGroggan, Charles Neilson, Francis Grant, James McTeer, Henry McLornin, Patrick McGraw, James Bell, Patrick McKeown, Francis O'Hara, Daniel McGroggan, Andrew Quinn, Patrick Gormley, William Duffin, James Duncan, James Duffin, Edward Fergus, James Donnelly, Robert Madden, David Mulholland, Constantine O'Boyle, Daniel McTeer, William McTeer, Bernard McCudden

Ballealy and Mountshalgus:
Harry Henry, Roger O'Kane, Arthur McCann, Henry McCann, Patrick McCann Jun., Patrick Close, Edward Madden, Henry McCann Jun., Edward Cushanan, Bernard McCann, Henry Hannin, Bernard Cushanan, James McLenaghan, Patrick McCann, Sen., William McCann, Harry McCann, Bernard McCann (Hart), Philip McAreevey, Bernard McTeer, John Blair, Hugh Kennedy, Rodger O'Kane, Charles O'Neill.

John Crawford, Mrs. Hannin, Hugh O'Neill, Patrick Murray, Richard McHenry, Felix O'Henry O'Neill, James Murray, John Dobbin, Felix McKeown, James McCann, John Kennedy, Hugh Kennedy, Peter O'Neill, Patrick O'Kane, Ambrose O'Neill.

James Eccles, Hugh Henry, Hugh Fitzpatrick, John Cushanan, Sen., John Cushanan, Jun., Thomas Cushanan, John McFee, Robert Wiley, Daniel McLeese, Hugh Miller, Daniel McFee, John McKeown, Peter Hannin, Miss Grain, Samuel McAuley, William McCluney, Hugh McCrory, John Loughlin, Rodger Gribben, Tom McAlister, Pat Donnelly, James Adger, John McCann, Mrs. Gordon, Peter Hannin, Sen., Patrick Murray.

Lenagh and Drumkeeran:
John McComb, John Storey, John Drain, Charles McDorey, George Leonard, Bernard Hannin , John Storey (Robert), Widow McGroggan, Patrick Haveron, John Haveron, Hugh Hannin, Daniel Hannin, Peter McNally, Bernard Kerr, James Storey, Edward McGroggan, Hugh Kerr, Widow Collins, Bernard Cullin, John McCashin, Patrick Hart, Peter McMullan, Robert Storey.

Maghereagh and Burnish:
Hugh McLenaghan, George McKeown, Patrick Doyle, John Innis, Thomas Woods, John O'Neill, John Boyle, George Gordon, William Boyle, Neal Boyle, Patrick O'Neill, James McKeown, Patrick McKeown, Frank McMullan, John Kennedy, Patrick McKeown, John McKeown, Donald McKeown, John Meahan, George McKeown, Jun., John Davison, Paddy McKeown, Harry Kennedy, Bernard McKeown, James Meahan, James Kennedy, Alex. Hannin, Edward McKeown, Neal Hylan, John McGroggan, James McKeown, Epher. McMullan, James McMullan, Widow Boyle, Peter Duffin, Daniel Devitt, James Donoughue, Hugh Donoughue, Paddy McGann, John Mullen, Tom Meahan, Hugh Robb, Charles McGroggan, John McCann, John Kielty.

Patrick Hylan, John Hannan, Robert Hannan, James Hannan, Michael McMullan, Felix McKeown, Francis Colgan, Hugh McCashin, William Hannan, Thomas Hannan, John Storey, John Hannan, Charles Hannan, James Mulholland, Patrick McKeown, John Gilmore, Charles Sheil, William Hannan, Widow McGee, John McCormick, James McNulla, Charles Shannon, Samuel Shannon, Bernard Shannon, Francis McNulla, Daniel McNulla, George McGee, Widow Murphy, Hugh McNulla, George Hannan, John McGee, Arthur O'Hara, John McGee, Jun.

Sharvogues, Magherabeg, Farlough, Ballylurgan:
John McCrory, George McGill, Hugh McMullan, Edward McLaverty, Arthur O'Hara, Thomas Loughlin, Robert Storey, George Henry, Daniel Conner, Alexander McLaverty, Nancy McLaverty, Daniel McCashin, Charles O'Raw, James Graham, Henry Hurrel, Arthur Sheils, John McGivern, Widow McNally, John Devitt, William McCann, John McQuillan, Hugh McCann, Patrick Hughes, Bernard Hurrel, Bernard McGroggan, Felix McCrory, John Bolton, Patrick McCashin.









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