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Court Cheque Book

Repository : Public Record Office for Northern Ireland PRONI

Reference : D1364/L/1 Title : Deputy Court Cheque Book for County Antrim.

Dates : 1776

Endorsed William Young, Fenaghy, Ballymena.

Transcribed as follows:

County Antrim At an Election held at Carrick in & for the County of Antrim the 30th day of May 1776, before Ezekiel Davys Boyd Esqr. high sheriff of said County, by virtue of his Majestys Writ issued out of the High Court of Chancery in Ireland bearing date the first day of May instant, for the chosing & electing two Knights to represent the said County of Antrim in a Parliament to be holden in Dublin the Eleventh day of June next Candidates The Hon Henry Seymour Conway proposed by Conway Richard Dobbs Esq The Hon Hugh Skeffington proposed by Thomas Winder Esqr James Wilson Esqr proposed by Hugh Boyd Esqr Marriot Dalway Esqr proposed by Roger McNeile Esqr A Test for the Candidates proposed by Roger McNeile Esqr & signed by James Willson & Marriot Dalway Esqrs - Agreed - that where an objection be made to an Elector in the Deputys Court in respect of his Freehold if any person on the part of any candidate requires it should be referred to the Sheriffs Court, a Ticket to be sent the Deputy Court of the Person so objected to & the cause of the objection & to be determined in the Sheriffs Courts.


Name address and location of freehold


1 James Knox Portglenone Garvaghy Portglenone 2 Robert McNeilly Portglenone 3 William Laurimor Portglenone 4 Andrew Miller Bracknamuckly 5 William Magill Galgorm Parks 6 William Miller Bracknamuckly 7 Mattw Harbison Ballyconnolly 8 Samuel Miller Portglenone Portglenone 9 John Mars Tullynahinnion Tullynahinnion 10 David Galway near Portglenone Ballynafoy D 11 James Adams Junr Killycoogan Killicoogan 12 Richd Galway Tullynahinnon Tullynahinnion 13 William Hall Aughnacleagh Aughnacleagh 14 William Beggs Aughnacleagh Aughnacleagh 15 Andrew McGlamery Ballyclose Ballyclose 16 David Dunlop Galgorm Galgorm 17 Robert McCadam Cullybacky 18 John Spence Ballyclose Ballyclose 19 Charles Spence Ballyclose Ballyclose 20 John Adams Killycoogan Killycoogan S 21 George Geddes Derrykillultagh Derrykillultagh 22 John Montgomery Aughakernon Aughakernon 23 Thomas Irvine Ballymaclose near Ballymena 24 Thruston Haddock Ballykelly Ballykelly 25 Wm Auntwistle Kilkreeny Kilkreeny 25 Isaac Tippen Ballykelly Ballykelly 26 John McMullan Ballykennedy Ballenderry 27 John Copeland Aughnakernon Aughnakernon 27 John Johnston Portmore Portmore 27 Joseph Irwin Ballynaclose Ballynaclose C 28 John OGullion Troghduff Ballybreak 29 James Gardner Ballymoney Townhead Park 30 James McWilliam Ballylig Ballylig 31 John Dunlop Carrybeg Carrybeg 32 James Neil Pharis Pharis 33 Paul McCollum Ballylig Abedowey & Ballylig 34 Robert Carson Artyferan Artyferan 35 Andrew Elliott Artyferan Artyferan 36 James Gamble Ballymoney Ballymoney 37 John Blair Tarnalezizy Ballycormick




1 Samuel Johnston Cullybacky Cullybacky 2 James Young Tullygrally Tullygrally 3 Hugh McIlrath Ballyclose Ballyclose 4 Samuel Wylie Cullybacky Cullybacky 5 John Marshall Ballyclose Ballyclose 6 Hugh Marshall Ballyclose Ballyclose 6 Wm McIlrath Ballyclose Ballyclose 7 John Gay/Guy Loughmagarry Fanagh 8 Alexander Calderwood Killydonnelly Killydonnelly 9 James Love Crankill Crankill 10 Adam Wylie Moylarg Moylarg 11 John Eaky Moylarg Moylarg 11 Gilbert Eaky Tullygrally Tullygrally 12 William Chain Cullybacky 13 Moses Lamond Ballyclose Ballyclose 14 Hugh Finlay Tullygrally Tullygrally 14 Patrick McClintock Carnlea Carnlea 15 James Blackley Galgorm Galgorm 16 John Glenholme B.masca Co Down Lower Malone 17 William Pollock Kildowny Kildowny 18 Wilm Hamilton Moneygubbin Moneygubbin 19 Alexr Ramage Finvoy & Ballymoney Mullans 20 Robert Galt Ballymoney Ballymoney 21 Robert Dinsmore Ballywattick 22 Daniel McCreelish Syconbeg Syconbeg 23 Alexandr Calderwood Ballymoney Ballymoney 24 Robert Robinson Ballymoney Ballymoney 25 James Peoples Ballymoney Ballymoney 26 David Duncan Carncogy Carncogy 27 William Reid Ballymoney Ballymoney 28 John White Ballynalargy Ballynageeragh 29 Robert Thompson Ballyskelly Ballyskelly 30 Thomas Higginson Templecormick Parish of Ballenderry 31 George Hunter Knocknareagh Parish of Magheragely 32 James Neilson Aghinkinmoney Aghinkinmoney 33 Henry McKinstry Moygerriff Moygeriff 34 Roger Patterson Ballymackrave Ballymacreeve 35 John Golly Ballyenderry Ballenderry 36 James Kidd Loughrelish Ballenderry 37 James Johnston Ballenderry Ballenderry 38 Charles Hill Drumra Drumra 39 James Hill Drumra Drumra 40 John Simpson Portglenone Portglenone 41 John Kyle Garvaghy Garvaghy 42 Samuel McCartney Portglenone Portglenone 42 John Simpson Gortahuran & Portglenone Gortahuran 43 John Davison Finkiltagh Finkiltagh 44 James Dick Ballynafoy Ballynafoy 45 John Courtney Mullansallagh Mullansallagh 46 William Kennedy Procklis Procklis 47 David Pollock Ballycraigagh Ballycraigagh 48 Robert Moore Belfast Belfast 49 Samuel Kerr Drumafevey Drumafevey 49 Robert Matthews Artiferral Artiferral 49 David Wallace Crosstagherty Crosstagherty 50 Ephraim Cuming Toberbilly Toberbilly 51 Hugh Cuming Toberbilly Toberbilly 52 James Johnston Omberbane Omberbane 53 Robert Tweed Magheraboy Magheraboy 54 Samuel Adams Magheraboy Magheraboy 54 Henry Beatty Brackenhill Derriaghy Templecormick Brackenhill 55 Edward Meas Templecormick Templecormick 56 George Babington Portglenone Londonderry 57 John Caldwell Simecock Simecock 58 James Reynolds Drumkandult Drumkandult 59 John Robinson Anthony Thomas Boy 60 John Dunlop Kirconny Drumnagasson 61 John Boyle Turnagrove Turnagrove 62 James Moore Ballynahole Ballynahole 63 Daniel Nicholl Bonnaclassagh Bonnaclafsagh C 64 Lieut Humphry Clark Lisburn Aghnacrannon 65 Laurence Ingram Clontariff Clontariff 66 Edward Weatherhead Clontariff Clontariff 67 Alexr Auddis Lurgill Lurgill 68 John Irwin Ballynaclose Ballynaclose 69 James Hare Aughinlish Aughinlish 70 Archd Hasty Aughnakernon Aughnakernon 71 Price Keary Ballyscolly Ballyscolly 72 William Hendron Ballykelly Ballykelly 72 John Fullerton Ballygowan Ballygowan




 1 Robert Hall Cullybacky Cullybacky 2 Robert Forbes Carnlea Carnlea 3 John Wylie Moylarg Moylarg 4 Robert Johnston Carnlea Carnlea 5 George McCulloch Crankill Crankill 6 James McLaughlin Ballyboggy Ballyboggy 7 William Johnston Dunmurry Dunmurry 8 James McDowell Carniny Carniny 9 William McCay Carniny Carniny 10 Alexander Moore Ballyconnolly Ballyconnolly 11 Robert Stewart Tullaghbane Tullaghbane 12 John Cathcart Kernmore near Clogh 13 Robert Miller Ballyreagh near Ballymena 14 John Stevenson Ballynamaddy Ballynamaddy 14 John Crawford Magheraboy Magheraboy 15 James McMullan Maghereagh Maghereagh 16 Henry McAlexander Ballyboggy Ballyboggy 17 Matthew Crawford Ballycraigagh Ballycraigagh 18 William Thompson Maghereagh Maghereagh 19 James McKerrogher Secon Dunbought 20 John Montgomery Sen Cloughorr Cloghorr 21 John Montgomery Jun Cloughorr Cloughorr 22 Samuel Hill Carneatly Carneatly 23 Thomas Jackson Holywell Antrim 24 William Frizell Antrim Antrim 25 John Rainey Gillestown Grange 26 Samuel Templeton Aghavary Aghavary 27 John Douglas Cloghorr Cloghorr 28 Thomas Bovell Cullanavea Grange 29 Thomas Fisher Mill Quarter Grange 30 John Green Clontarriff Clontarriff 31 Samuel Walkington Ballyskully Ballyscully 32 John Boyes Loughrelish Loughrelish 33 Thomas Setson Grew Park Crew Park 34 William Irgram Ballykelly Ballykelly 35 Thomas Hunter Brackenhill Brackenhill 36 Thomas Cinnamon Moneycrummock Moneycrummock 37 Henry Hopes Lurgill Lurgill 38 John McCormick Urble Coulkinny 39 David Hasty Raghakernon Maragelle W 39 Joseph Hill Drumsough Drumsough 40 Clotroy OHaghian Clontric Co Armagh Elias McFadden Leitrim Leitrim 42 William McCool Clenkeen Clonkeen 43 Nathaniel Allison Gortahern Gortahern 44 James Waugh Randalstown Randalstown 45 John McKelvy Aghaloughan Aghaloughan 46 Patrick Allen Maghrabeg Maghrabeg 47 Hugh Cunningham Tully Randalstown 48 Samuel Thompson Andraid or Ballindraid Andraid D 49 William Miller Aghaboy Aghaboy 50 Robert McCord Ballydunmaul Co of Londonderry 51 Samuel Livingstone Groggan Groggan 52 John Kinkaid Ballydunmaul Ballydunmaul 53 William Halliday Lisnavevenagh Lisnanevenagh 54 James Allen Lisnanevenagh Lisnanevenagh 55 William Linn Maghrabeg Maghrabeg 56 Nathaniel Boyd Down Killibegs Down Killibegs 57 John Hill Crea Crea 58 James White Ballygrooby Ballygrooby 59 Samuel Carmichael Mill quarter Grange 60 Samuel Carmichael Jun Mill Quarter Grange 61 John Carmichael Arnaglass Arnaglass 62 Thomas Faucett Grange Grange 63 John Clark Grange Grange 64 Robert Clark Grange Grange 65 James Luke Islandreagh Islandreagh 66 William Fleming of the Sixteen Towns 67 Francis Hollinger Aghavary Grange Grange 68 George Thompson Sixteen Towns Co Down 69 George Thompson 69 Thomas Peel Aughinlish Aughinlish 70 William Smith Authnakernan Aughnakernon 71 Thomas Evans Aughinlish Aughinlish 73 Jonathan Peel Lurgill Lurgill 74 Alex Burrowes Lisburn (Bridge St) McKee\\\\\\\'s Bridge Co Down 75 John Audis Ballyskelly Ballyskelly 76 Robert Audis Ballyskelly Ballyskelly 77 Thomas Turner Ballymacrava Ballymacrava 78 John Thompson Ballyskelly Ballyskelly




 1 John Cooper Artresna Artresna 2 Robert Carothers Artresna Artresna 3 John Black Lurganwest Lurganwest 4 Thomas Hogg Artresna Artresna 5 Adam Strayhorn Ballely Ballylely 6 James Carson Procklis Procklis 7 John Ferguson Ballyconnolly Ballyconnolly 8 Samuel Carson Teerygown Teerygown 9 James Hunter Randalstown Ristown 10 William Black Ballygrooby Ballygrooby 11 William English Maghrybeg Maghrybeg 12 James Ferguson Killbeggs Killbeggs 13 William Bryson Ballytresnachan 14 Thomas Black Ballytresnachan Randalstown 15 Samuel Walker Magherabeg Magherabeg 16 Danl McIlheny Maghrabeg Maghrabeg 17 William Armstrong Maghrabeg Maghrabeg 18 William Seymour Druminowy Druminowy 19 William Robinson Aghaloughan Aghaloughan 20 Samuel English Druminowy Druminowy 21 Kirkpatrick Robt. Antrim 22 John Gubbins Antrim 23 Edward Shannon Antrim 24 John Miller Antrim 25 George Young Ballycraigy Ballycraigy 26 William White Antrim Antrim 27 James Gleghorm Sixteen Towns 28 Arthur Clotworthy Eight Townlands of Muckamore (Talgracy) Muckamore 29 Clotworthy McKaig Eight Towns of Muckamore Antrim 30 Willm Gleghorn Sixteen Towns 31 Archibald Murphy Maghrymore Maghrymore 32 John Hill Cloghabreak Cloghabreak 33 Baniel OKane Moyarrgitt Moyargitt 34 John Todd Ballytaylor Ballytaylor 35 Archd Hill Carneatly Carneatly 36 James Ross Ravallagh Ravallagh 37 Andrew Ross Ravallagh Ravallagh 38 James Cargill Ballyhemlin Ballyhemlin 39 William Magown Ohallo Ohallo 40 James Clark Ohall Ohallo 41 Joseph Gregg Ballygrooby Peymount 42 Joseph Taggart Creavery Creavery 43 Henry Boyd Terrygown Terrygown 44 Robert Knox Curreseskin Curreseskin 45 Daniel Boyd Culbrim Culbrim 46 Gabriel Todd Bellagin Bellagin 47 William Simpson Secon Liberties of Coleraine 48 Robert Sammon Bellagan Bellagan 49 David Cuming Toberbilly Toberbilly 50 James Henry Secon Secon 51 James Walker Drumskey Drumskey 52 Hugh Knox Drumnaquern Drumaquern 53 David Woods Ballinaleny Ballinaleny 54 Hercules Miller Aghaboy Aghaboy 55 John Mc Kelvy Ballyreagh Ballyreagh 56 James Eggleson Clare Clare 57 Thomas Walker Druminevey Druminevey 58 William Henderson Muckleramer Muckleramer 59 John Greer Moneyrod Moneyrod 60 Henry McQuoid Belfast 61 David Kane Kirnalbanagh Kirnalbanagh 62 William Murray Kirnalbanagh Kirnalbanagh 63 James Morrow Kirnalbanagh Kirnalbanagh 64 James Alexander Kirnalbanagh Kirnalbanagh 65 Patrick Greer Straidcally Straidcally 66 Hugh Greer Straidcalley Straidcally 67 John McVickar Straidcalley Straidcally 68 Hector McNeile Bay 69 Samuel Wharry Ballygoughan Ballygoughan 69 Nathaniel Getty Ballycoo Ballycoo 69 David Gill Craigabonou Craigabonou 70 John McBride Lisnaguinnouge Lisnagunnogue 71 Neal McCay Lisnaguinnouge Lisnagunnogue 72 Patrick McConnaghy Claare Claare 73 Matthew Moore Ballycastle Ballycastle 74 Alexander McCannon Moyargit Moyargit 75 Henry OGullian Legnamannog Legnamannog 76 Thomas Sharp Toberbilly Toberbilly 77 John Bellshaw Knocknadowny Knocknadowny 78 James Gordon Knocknadowney Knocknadowny



1 James Orr Killely Killybegs 2 Samuel Orr Antrim Killybegs 3 Andrew Hagarty Ballykeel Ballykeel 4 John White Gilgad Galgad 5 Charles Kidd Mannonick Mannonick 6 Alexander King Moneynick Moneynick 7 William Kerr Crebillyvilly Crebillyvilly 8 John Lamont Ballymarlagh Ballymarlagh 9 Samuel Armstrong Ballykeel Ballykeel 10 Samuel Woodburn Ballymarlagh Ballymarlagh 11 Charles Montgomery Dunnyvadden Dunnyvadden 12 William Wilson Ballymarlagh Ballymarlagh 13 John Galt Eden Eden 14 Samuel Stewart Cabragh Cabragh 15 Thomas McKean Craigbilly Craigbilly 16 Alex Kernochan Farnisky Farnisky 17 Robert McMullan Muckrom Muckrom 18 John Dunseath Derryhollagh Derryhollagh 19 John Dean Ballykeel Ballykeel 20 Daniel McClean Eden Eden 20 James Mc Querns Carneatly Carneatly 21 Patrick Todd Belleanon Belleanon 22 John Hill Carneatly Carneatly 23 John McIlmoyle Toberbilly Toberbilly 24 James McIlmoyle Toberbilly Toberbilly 25 John Huey Lisnagunnogue Lisnagunnogue 26 John Stewart Tullybane Tullybane 27 John Cannon Airds Airds 28 James McKinlay Ballytaylor Ballytaylor 29 William McCurdy Carnkirk Carnkirk 30 Thomas Venables Esq Deserderring Londonderry 31 Matthew Rutherford Esq Deserderring Londonderry 32 John Caldwell Jun Ballymoney Ballymoney 33 Alex McAulay Esq Glenville Glenville 34 Daniel McKinlay Castlenagree Castlenagree 35 Alex McCollum Airds Airds 36 Patrick McConnaghy Ballymoy Ballymoy 37 David McConaghy Ballymoy Ballymoy 38 John McBride Ballymoy Ballymoy 38 Samuel Craig Sixteen Towns 39 James McChesney Ballydonnelly Ballydonnelly 40 Daniel Todd Priestland Priestland 41 William Dunlap Priestland Priestland 42 Samuel OBoylan Ballyclough Ballyclough 43 Robert Patterson Priestland Priestland 44 Benjn. Chestnut Carnaft Carnaft 44 Robert Wylie Artigorran Artigorran 65 Andrew Magee Drumnagee Drumnagee 66 Dennis McCaghan Drumnagee Drumnagee 67 Daniel Carnegie Carnhill Carnhill 68 William Brazell Lisnabragh Lisnabragh 69 John Gray Drumcrottagh Drumcrottagh 70 Joseph Wiley Drumcrottagh Drumcrottagh 71 Dougall McDougall Ballyboylan Ballyboylan 72 John McMullan Lisnabragh Lisnabragh 73 Alexander Montgomery Breckagh Breckagh 74 Archibald McKinlay Breckagh Brekagh 75 Hugh Hill Breckagh Breckagh 76 William Neilson Crew Ballykennedy 77


Sixth Days Poll -

Wednesday June 5th 1776

1 William Wasson Ballycraigy Ballycraigy 2 Alexander Wilson Tamnacagherty Tamnacagherty 3 Samuel McClurkan Ballykeel Ballykeel 4 Gilbert McClurkan Ballykeel Ballykeel 5 Thomas McClurkan Ballykeel Ballykeel 6 John Walker Ballymarlagh Ballymarlagh 7 John Rankin Lisnaquiggal Lisnaquiggal 8 Newtown Young Lisnaquiggal Lisnaquiggal 9 James Wasson Ballycraigy Ballycraigy 10 Matthew Creighton Tamnacagherty Tamnacagherty 11 James Hamill Leck Leck 12 John Watt Drumahegli Drumahegli 13 John Lyons Drumahegli Drumahegli 14 Hugh Brown Ballywattick Ballywattick 15 William Cochran Carvilly Carvilly 16 Alexander Gaston Dunany Dunany 17 Andrew Ross Carnglass Carnglass 18 Robert Preston Killygowan Killygowan 19 James Magee Hatt Ballymarly 20 David Moore Ballynacard Ballynacard 21 John Campbell Carnmoney Carnmoney 22 Hugh Wylie Drumnahaigh Drumnahaigh 23 Archibald Campbell Drumnahaigh Drumnahaigh 24 William Baird Cullermony Cullermony 25 John Campbell Moighraig Moighraig 26 Archd. Hamilton Moycraig Moycraig 27 Marmaduke McIlhoyle Moycraig Moycraig 28 James McIlhoyle Moycraig Moycraig 29 Hugh Young Ballytobber Ballytobber 71 Thomas Brown Ballygilbert Ballygilbert 72 William Brown Ballygilbert Ballygilbert 73 Thomas Crawford Ballygilbert Ballygilbert 74 William Brown Ballygilbert Ballygilbert 75 Joseph Bailie Ballygilbert Ballygilbert 76 Thomas Sillyman Ballygilbert Ballygilbert 77 Robert Matthews Pathfoot Drumnagreagh 78 John Moore Ballygilbert Ballygilbert 79 John Dickie Morusk Morusk


Seventh Days Poll -

Thursday June 6th 1776

1 John Redman Creavery Tamnaghmore 2 David Thoburn Belfast Belfast 3 William Creighton Belfast Belfast 4 Robert White Crevemoy Crevemoy 5 James Hyndman Ballymacvea Ballymackvea 6 Hugh Dunlop Belfast Belfast 7 Robert Holmes Belfast Islandmagee 8 Robert Cusack Drumquerin Drumquerin 9 William Buck Lisnevenagh Lisnevenagh 10 William Laurimor Dungonnell Dungonnell 11 Thomas Brown Carnahilis Carnahilis 45 Robert White Artigorran Artigorran 46 Gideon Neilson Slavanagh Slavanagh 47 Samuel Smith Deraw Deraw 48 Robert Dunlap Tullymoyland Tullymoyland 49 Charles Dunlap Tullymoyland Tullymoyland 49 Thomas Cupples Tullymoyland Tullymoyland 50 John McKinny Carnaft Carnaft 51 John Boyd Lisnabragh Lisnabragh 52 James Gray Drumcrottagh Drumcrottagh 53 Robert Simpson Lisnabragh Lisnabragh 54 John Nevin Lisnabragh Lisnabragh 55 James Saul Galgorm Galgorm 56 Hugh Crawford Annaghmore Castledawson 57 Thomas Greer Maghremisk Dungannon Co Tyrone 58 Samuel Simpson Derrykeehan Derrykeehan 59 James Simpson Derrykeehan Derrykeehan 60 Samuel Johnston Derrykeehan Derrykeehan 61 Thomas Johnston Derrykeehan Derrykeehan 62 James McKaghan Drumnagee Drumnagee 63 Archibald Chestnut Drumnagee Drumnagee 64 William Magee Drumnagee Drumnagee 30 William Knox Magheraboy Magheraboy 31 Matthew Borland Magheraboy Magheraboy 33 Daniel Jamison Cullermony Cullermony 32 John Cosnaghan Moycraig Moycraig 34 Ezekiel McCormick Carreless Carreless 35 Robert Wilson Kagherty Crebilly Kagherty & Crebilly 36 John Horan Knockanevery Knocknevery 37 Richard Golly Ballyrobin Ballyrobin 38 Brice Graham Belltoy Belltoy 39 Samuel Robinson Ballyrickart Envermore 40 Willm Sheriff Ballytobber Ballytobber 41 David Read Rafkenny Rafkenny 42 John Wilson Rasherry Rasherry 43 James Wilson Tamnacagherty & Craigbilly Tamnacagherty 44 John Adams Rakeel Rakeel 45 Samuel Galt Dunard Dunard 46 William Smylie Dunard Dunard 47 John Thompson Tullog-Rumcaven Tullog 48 Timothy White Roughan Roughan 49 Samuel Bonar Tullog-Rumcaven Tullog 50 Patrick Magill Carnkeerin Carnkeerin 51 Daniel McCormick Belfast Larne 52 Mussenden Lyle Belfast Belfast 53 James Huey Belfast Newtownards Co Down 54 John McClure Mullendreen Tecloy 55 Archd McClure Carnahilis Belfast 56 James Craig Tecloy-Mullendreen Tecloy 57 James Shannon Carnkeerin Carnkeerin 58 John Nimion or Himon Tecloy-Mullendreen Tecloy 59 James Orr Belfast Belfast 60 Alexander Brown Ballymena, Braid Ballymena, Braid 61 John McManus Larne Larne 62 James Workman Larne Antival 63 James Hill Larne Larne 64 Joseph McCreary Larne Larne 64 George Watson Slebane Park (part of Drummagreeagh) Sowlough 65 Archibald Brown Ballygilbert Ballygilbert 66 Aaron Brown Lisnahaigh Lisnahaigh 67 David Brown Ballygilbert Lisnahaigh 68 Daniel Smith Larne Larne 69 Archd Thompson Knocknakern Newtown Glynns 70 William McCloy Lisnahaigh Lisnahaigh 12 John Moat Kilcross Kilcross 13 John Hunter Belfast Belfast 14 John Wilson Secash Secash 15 Robert Simpson Bultnaconnell Ballymather 16 John Bryson Crosshill Crosshill 17 Thomas Holmes Secash Secash 18 Robert Patrick Secash Secash 19 John McCartney Ballymacilhoyle Ballymacilhoyle 20 James Hunter Ballymacilhoyle Ballymacilhoyle 21 Abraham Boyd Glenarm Glenarm 22 Christopher Dunn Glenarm Glenarm 23 Andrew Dunn Glenarm Glenarm 24 Samuel Montgomery Larne Larne 25 James Maffett Glenarm Glenarm 26 William Woodside Glenarm Glenarm 27 Peter Charles Glenarm Glenarm 28 John Clark Glenarm Glenarm 29 Robert Montgomery Glenarm Glenarm 30 William Creath Kernanmore Kernanmore 31 Robert Lusk Larne Larne 32 Robert Caldwell Tobergell or Drains Tobergell 33 Edward Herd Muckamore Dublin 34 Willm Alexander Drumcrow Drumcrow 35 John McCaa Carnlough Carnlough 36 Daniel Man Carnlough Carnlough 37 Peter Crookshanks Carnlough Carnlough 38 John Barclay Carnlough Carnlough 39 John McMullan Carnlough Carnlough 40 Robert Tomb Larne Larne 41 Samuel Scott Belfast Belfast 42 James Potter Ballytweedy Carmevy & Ballyrobin Mount Potter Co Down 43 John Clark Secash Secash 44 James Adair Kilgreel Kilgreel 45 William Skeaghs Randoe Randoe 46 Samuel Crawford Ballyclan Ballyclan 47 William Crawford Ballyclan Ballyclan 48 James Eaken Ballyclan Ballyclan 49 James Major Ballyrobin Ballyrobin 50 John Henry Ballymather Ballymather 51 Francis Hamilton Ballyginniff Belfast 52 David Craig Clare Clare 53 Hugh Scott Ballyrobin Ballyrobin 54 Thomas Donnald Ballyrobin Ballyrobin 55 Gilbert Kirker Carnahilis Carnahilis 56 James Mawhood Glenwhirry Glenwhirry 57 John Mawhood Glenwhirry Glenwhirry 58 Robert Boyd Kenbilly 58 Robert Barclay Lisnamorigan Lisnahilt 59 James Saunderson Glenwhirry Glenwhirry 60 Thomas Tinman Ballynenaton Ballynenaton 61 Robert Saunders Ballycarn Ballycarn 62 Thomas Boyes Magabbry Magabbry 63 Henry Whiteside Magabbry Magabbry 64 Isaac Loggan Ballynenaton Ballynenaton 65 John Wilson Knocknereagh Knocknereagh 66 William Mercer Legmore Ballymacarret 67 John Sprott Maghraleave near Portnorris Co Armagh 68 Robert Johnston Seven Towns of Brookhill Brookhill 69 Robert Parker Ballykern Ballykern 70 George Boyle Belfast Glenarm 71 John Orr Green Castle Greencastle 72 Wm Crawford Ballysavage Ballysavage 73 Patrick Birnie Ballygowan Ballygowan 74 James Gilliland Talldarg Talldarg 75 Charles Mitchell Belfast Belfast 76 George Archibald Belfast Belfast 77 David Manson Belfast Belfast 78 John Stewart Belfast Belfast 79 Revd Mattw Garnet Vicar of Carnmoney Belfast


Eighth Days Poll -

Friday June 7th 1776

1 John McClusky Garvaghy Garvaghy 2 John Loggan Egglish Egglish 3 James McComb Ballynacard Ballynacard 4 Thomas Beatty Dungonnell Dungonnell 5 John Thompson Knockboy Knockboy 6 Samuel Angus Broughshane Broughshane 9 John Dornan Broughshane Broughshane 7 Alex McCulloch Broughshane Broughshane 8 John Wylie Ballynacard Ballynacard 10 Thos Crawford Ballytromery Ballytromery 11 Thomas Cabeen Egglish Egglesh 12 John Cuming Rafkenny Rafkenny 13 Alexander Askin Egglish Egglish 14 John Cuming Rafkenny Rafkenny 14 Willm Gage McDowell Straid Straid 15 Robert Glen Killygore Killygore 16 John Wilson Dungonnell Dungonnell 16 Daniel Barron Craigarogan Craigarogan 17 Alexander Dickie Ballygally Ballygally 18 Lacelles Rogers Springfield Springfield 19 Robert Peoples Glenarm Glenarm 20 John Sayers Glenarm Glenarm 21 John Richy Glenarm Glenarm 22 Revd Willm Walsh McCrevan & Temple Outer Parish near Glenarm 23 Daniel Curl Glenarm Glenarm 24 Patrick Watt Tully Tully 25 Robert Craig Carncastle Carncastle 26 Robert Malcom Ballymuntanagh Parish of Connor 27 James Magill Targreacy Targracy 28 Timothy Morrow Morusk Morusk 29 Clotworthy Carrol Pubbles Pubbles 30 Henry Fulton Ballynenaton Ballynenaton 31 Thomas Gill Drumsill Drumsill 32 Francis Bennett Gortnacorry Gortnacorry 33 John Abbott Knocknareagh Knocknareagh 34 Richard Thompson Loughrelish Maze, Co Down 35 William Thompson Loughrelish Maze, Co Down 36 Allan McDonnald Ballymacilreany Ballymacilreany 37 Thomas Bullock Derrynaseer Derrynaseer 38 Robert Crawford Ballybegg Castledawson Co Derry 39 John Simpson Slavanagh Slavanagh 40 Alexander Miller Garvaghy Garvaghy 41 Robert Nicholl Portglenone & Gortfad Gortfad 42 John McCrory Carnmegram Carnmegram 43 William Johnston Gortaheerin Gortaheerin 44 Robert Black Bracknamuckly Bracknamuckly 45 Samuel Cunningham Ballyrobin Ballyrobin 46 John Mulhollan Largy Largy 47 John Barclay Gortfad Gortfad 48 Samuel Black Craigahullagh Coleraine Co Derry 49 Benjamin White Roughan Roughan 50 John Bonar Rumcaven (Tullog) Rumcaven 51 Arthur Hare Ballynacraigy Ballynacraigy 52 Robert Tafts Rafkenny Rafkenny 53 Nathaniel Gordon Cashell Cashell 54 John Johnston Carncoagh Carncoagh 55 Charles Brown Carncoagh Carncoagh 56 Thomas McCreight Ballyhill Ballyhill 57 James Birkmires Craigarougan Craigarogan 57 Holland Lecky Knockans & Lennagher Londonderry 58 Daniel Blair Ballyvalloch Ballyvalloch 59 Samuel Junkin Ballyrickart Ballyrickart 60 William Johnston Antilevally Antilevally 61 William Pennell Ballyrickart Ballyrickart 62 Thomas Adams Ballyrickart Ballyrickart 63 James Straight Ballyrickart Ballyrickart 64 Patrick Crawford Tirreagh Tirreagh 65 Alexander Martin Antilevally Antilevaly 66 John Craig Carncal Carncal 67 Thomas Beatty Sixteen Towns of Antrim 16 Towns 68 William Thompson Muckamore Muckamore 69 James Charters Antrim Antrim 70 John Murray Antrim Antrim 71 James Ewing Ballyarnett Ballyarnett


Ninth Days Poll -

Saturday June 8th 1776

1 Thomas Gordon Cashell Cashell 2 Robert Knowls Cullybacky Cullybacky 3 Henry Scott Ballymena Ballymena 4 Robert Wilson Broughshane Broughshane 5 John Kerr Anndraid Andraid 6 William Alexander Rakeel Rakeel 7 James Patterson Coreen Coreen 8 John Hunter Ballyligpatrick Ballyligpatrick 9 John Fleck Ballyligpatrick Ballyligpatrick 10 Samuel Fleck Ballyligpatrick Ballyligpatrick 11 John Lynd Slanesallagh Slanesallagh 12 James Little Portglenone Portglenone 13 John Thompson Rumcaven Rumcaven 14 Robert Barron Craigarogan Craigarogan 15 John Raffield Galgorm Galgorm 16 James McCleery Broughshane Broughshane 17 Robert Futhy Molusk Molusk 18 John Dougall Broughshane Broughshane 19 Andrew Templeton Molusk Molusk 20 John Cuming Rafkenny Rafkenny 21 James Moore Brackney Brackney 22 Richard Brady Antrim Antrim 23 Adam Hunter Ballymoney Ballymoney 24 John Forbes Aghaleck Aghaleck 24 John Roye Ballycastle Ballycastle 25 Archd McKinlay Ballymoy Ballymoy 26 Samuel McCurdy Carnkart Carnkart 27 James Boyd Cullduff near Ballymoney Whitehall 28 Andrew Lawson Killmakee Killmakee 29 John Nettleton Gartnagallon Gartnagallon 30 Richard Skelton Maghraleave Dundalk 31 John Sloane Aghagallon Cloverhill Co Armagh 32 John Murray Ballypitmey Ballypitmey 33 Robert Fryar Ballyneneton Ballyneneton 34 William Robinson Aghalee Aghalee 35 William Gill Drumsill Drumsill 36 John Fryar Killough Killough 36 Richard Steer Ballynalargie Maghramisk 37 Richard Greer Moneybroom Moneybroom 38 Robert Taylor Junr. Drumsil Drumsil 39 Willm Cunningham Antrim Maghrafelt Co Derry 40 James Goats Ballyclan Ballyclan 41 John Wilson Largy Largy 42 Alexander Bell Poultnaconnell Poultnaconnell 43 James Mulligan Killyfad Cranfield 44 Samuel McClintock Rasherry Rasherry 45 Thomas McKerly Ballymena Ballymena 46 Samuel Fleck Ballyligpatrick Ballyligpatrick 47 William Logan Egglish Egglish 48 John Allen Tullinamullan Tullynamullan 49 Robert Giveen Lisnagunnogues Coleraine Co Londonderry 50 John Stevenson Carnglassmore Carnglass 51 James Taggart Carnglassbeg Carnglass 52 John Taggart Carnglassbeg Carnglass 53 James Young East Ballywatt East Ballywatt 54 William Christy East Ballywatt East Ballywatt 55 John McBride Shane Oguestown Shane Ougestown 56 Thomas White Shane Oguestown Shane Ougestown 57 Samuel Ferguson Shane Oguestown Shane Ougestown 58 Samuel Smylie Invar & Larne Invar 59 John Cunningham Kilely Kilealy 60 Thomas Sproull Tamnacagherty Tamnacagherty 61 Robert Kirkpatrick Ballyrobin Ballyrobin 62 Samuel Getty Killygore Killygore 63 John Cathcart Kernmore Kernmore 64 James Cathcart Kernbeg Dublin 65 James Fullerton Leminary Leminary 66 Robert Kaghy Belfast Ballymacarre 67 William McCrory Rakeel Rakeel 68 Robert McBride Killygore Killigore




 1 William Keys Belfast Belfast 2 William Edmonstone Dunbought Dunbought 3 Henry Shaw Ballygally Greenhills 4 James Cathcart Lawin Lawin 5 John Scott Lumavalaghan or Drumavalaghan Lumavalaghan 6 George Madill Roughan Roughan 7 John Young Lisbabon Ballynagobbin 8 James McCourtney Cloughenduff Cloughenduff 9 James Anderson Old Park, near Belfast Old Park 10 Samuel Davison Barnish Barnish 11 John Officer Ballykennedy Ballykennedy 12 David Pearson Ballyrobin Ballyrobin 13 Anthony Wilson Creavery Creavery 14 Andrew Hunter Ballymacmee Ballymacmee 15 Thomas Hughes Rufferin Rufferin 16 Benjn Giveen Lisnagunnogue Lisnagunnogue 17 Francis McBride Tully Tully, Parish of L.gie 18 John McFerran Antrim Antrim 19 Thomas McAulay Randalstown Randalstown 20 Joseph Beggs Ballyrobin Ballyrobin 21 Thomas Johnson Lisburn Lisburn 22 Jacob Hancock Lisburn Lisburn 23 Robert McCully Pubbles Pubbles 24 Thomas McKinstry Lurgansemenus Lurgansemanies 25 John Richardson Lisburn Pubbles 26 William Kennon Pubbles Pubbles 27 James Carrol Drumglasney Drumglassny 28 James McKinlay Derrynaseer Derrynaseer 29 James Dennin Ballymacash Ballymacash 30 Joseph Spence Carnloughran Carnloughran C 31 Isaac McNeese Crew Crew 32 William Carleton Ballymacash Co Down 32 William Phillips Tullynubane Tullynubane 33 Nicholas Gordon Knockmore Knockmore 34 John Lowry Knockmore Knockmore 35 Robert Culbert Knockmore Knockmore 36 Robert Gibson Carnkilly Carnkinny 37 Richard Malchett Ballyminnionore Ballyminnimore 38 Edward Price Tullyrusk Tullyrusk 39 James Haney Lisburn Lisburn W 40 Henry Boyd Down Killybegs Down Killibegs 41 James Suffern Lisnataylor Lisnataylor 42 Alexr[Frew] Killibegs Killybegs 43 Samuel Wilson Creavery Creavery 44 Patrick Roseborough Kildowny Kildowny D 45 James Weir Aghafatten or Fleckstown Aghafatten 46 John McKeag Lisnataylor Lisnataylor 47 James Brown Correseskin Correseskin 48 John Allen Seconbeg Seconbeg 49 George Agnew Kilgavanagh Kilgavenagh 50 James Haslett Ballymoney Coleraine 51 David Brady Lisburn Lisburn 52 William Bell Aghnadarragh Aghnadarragh 53 Robert Neilson Carnkilly Carnkilly 54 Edward Bell Ballyvollin Ballyvollin 55 Edward Cardell Ballyvarley Ballyvarley 56 William Farr Aughanesh Aughanesh 57 David Potts Dundrod Dundrod 58 James Neilson Dundrod Dundrod 59 John Mc Coy Lisburn Lisburn 60 William Miller Glenwhirry Glenwhirry 61 William Mulligan Gallagh Cranfield




1 Samuel Boyd Cabra Cabra 2 Robert Leech Carnageeragh Carnageeragh 3 John French Randalstown Randalstown 4 William McKee Ballytober Ballytober 5 William Kernoghan Moyasett Moyasett 6 James Allison Clonkeen Sharvogs 7 William Reynolds Ballynacreebeg Ballynacreebeg 8 John Walker Ballylurgan Ballylurgan 9 William Crawford Ballymena Ballymena 10 John Acheson Ballyness & Eggry Ballyness 11 John Hill Derryhollogh Derryhollogh 12 John Molyneux Brittish Co Derry 13 Adam Smith Eaglehile or [Ballybreakson] Ballybreak 14 John Moore Ballycraighogh Ballycraighogh 15 James Spence Tullygrally Grace Hill 16 James Cooper Cross Cross 17 James Walker Terrygown Terrygown 18 Hugh Hill Druminaway Druminaway 19 Michael Johnston Portglenone Moneymore, Co Derry 20 John McCrory Carmegram Carnmegram 21 James Stephen Antrim Antrim 22 John Oakman Ballyminnimore Ballyminnimore 23 Robert Gill Lisburn Lisburn 24 Thomas Seed Lisburn Lisburn 25 William Bryan Tullynubane Tullynubane 26 John Robinson Lisshugh Lisshugh 27 William Gorman Ballysessy Ballysessy 28 George Dobson Ballysessy Glenavy 29 John Borlan Lisshugh Lisshugh 30 Samuel Kelly Antrim Antrim 31 Robert Mercer Kernoloughran Hillsborough, Co Down 32 John Bell Ballydonaghy Ballydonaghy 33 William Bell Ballyvollan Ballyvollan 34 Robert Gregory Teemore Teemore 35 John Walsh Knocknareagh Knocknareagh 36 Robert Moore Ballypitmee Ballypitmee 37 James Dinnen Lisburn Lisburn 38 James Smith Ballydonaghy Glenavy 39 Lewis Courtney Ballyvorally Ballyvorally 40 Andrew Calderwood Ballymoney Ballymoney 41 Joseph Reynolds Drumafevey Drumafevey 42 Robert Carleton Glenwhirry Glenwhirry 43 James Rodman Lisnanevenagh Lisnanevenagh 43 Samuel Boyd Ballynafoy Ballynafoy 44 Robert McNeilly Tobernameen Tobermanen 45 William McCollum Ballynahone Ballynahone 46 John Burns Knockanevry Knockanevry 47 James Smith Loughabin Loughabin 47 John Tweed Mullans Mullans 48 Nathaniel Saunderson Skirrywhirry Skirrywhirry 49 Arthur Adair Grange Grange 50 John Kane Ballycraig Ballycastle 51 John Reid Ballywoodock, Grange Moeadam Mocadam 52 Samuel Townsly Lisburn Lisburn 53 William Townsly Lisburn Lisburn 54 John Forrest Lisburn Lisburn 54 David Watters Ballydonaghy Ballydonaghy 55 James Cardell Ballyborily Ballyborily 56 Henry Quigly Ballysessegh Ballysessegh 57 John Barns Ballykern Ballykern




1 Rev William Henderson Ballytresna Ballytresna 2 Rev John Wright Islandreagh Islandreagh 3 John Thompson Muckamore Muckamore 4 Arch Wilson Ballycaston Ballycaston 5 John Humter Ardmore Ardmore 5 Robert Alexander Cloghoge Cloghoge 6 Samuel Straghan Rafkenny Rafkenny 7 Alex McBirnie Sixteen Towns of Antrim Sixteen Towns 8 Joseph Barber Secash Secash 9 John Stannus Larne Larne 10 John Galway Muckleramer Muckleramer 11 Leonard Walker Ballydonaghy Ballydonaghy 12 Samuel Brown Ballycraigy Ballycraigy 13 James Barner Tullynubane Brittish 14 Hugh Reid Dunnyvadden Dunnyvadden 15 Edward Agnew Gortnagallon Gortnagallon 16 John McKewn Sinerl Sinerl 17 John Lusk Ballytobber Ballytobber 17 John Robinson Glenwhirry Glenwhirry 18 William Stewart Ballycraigagh Ballycraigagh 19 John Brown Aughalislone Aughalislone 20 Edward Robinson Aughalislone Aughalislone 21 John Evans Lambeg Lambeg 22 Abraham Wolfenden Lambeg Lambeg 23 William Shaen Legmore Collin 24 William Hamilton Portglass or Poleglass Portglass 25 William Fletcher Inchiloughlan Inchiloughlan 26 Colvin Woodside Carnduff Carnduff 27 Samuel Duncan Novelly Novelly 28 Thomas Oliver Novelly Novelly 29 Joseph Masklin Lisbunn Lisburn 30 Edward Brown Aughlishlone Aughalishlone 31 James Higginson Lisburn Lisburn 32 Patrick Groggan Ballycullin Ballycullin 33 William Groggan Ballycullin Ballycullin 34 Isaac Robinson Creenogh Creenogh 35 William Frizele Ballycullin Ballycullin 36 John Duckar Kilmakee Derryaghy 37 John Magee Aughinlislone Aughinlislone 38 William Collins Legmore Legmore 39 Samuel Hyde Esq Belfast Belfast 40 Doc John Maffett Belfast Belfast 41 James Smyth Broughshane Broughshane 42 Samuel Moffett Ballylig Ballylig 43 John Smith Ballycully Ballycully 44 Robert Note Ballycully Ballycully 45 Thomas McClure Bidorr Bidorr 46 John McClure Dunmurry Dunmurry 47 Thomas Lattimer Dobbs Land Dobbsland 48 James McMaster Ballygally Ballygally 49 Michael Saunders Islandakelly Islandakelly 50 Stephen Gilbert Drumallet Drumallet 51 William Hill Ballynalargie Ballynalargie 52 Nicholas Collins Ballymacash Ballymacash 53 John Downy Lurganure Lurganure 54 John Harris Ballymacosh Ballymacosh 55 James Hall Lisburn Lisburn 56 Edwd Forsyth Ballycullin Ballycullin 57 John Hastings Ballymacosh Ballymacosh 58 John Dickenson Lambeg Lambeg 59 William McIlwaine Dunnemoney Dunnemoney 60 Richd Worthington Ballylucan Co Tyrone




1 David Cameron Killycowan Killcowan 2 The Rev Hu Maxwell Creeve Connor 2 John Miller Ballynacard Ballynacard 3 William Ashler Roughan Roughan 4 John Campbell Ballyreagh Ballyreagh 5 William Robinson Ballyclug Ballyclug 6 Robert Ross Islandmore Islandmore 7 Andrew Patterson Coreen Coreen 8 William Brice Kenbilly Kenbilly 9 Thomas McComb Ballynacard Ballynacard 10 John Nicholson Esq Belfast Ballymacarra 11 Thomas McIlwean Belfast Belfast 12 Robert Saunderson Glenwhirry Glenwhirry 13 John Peacock Killygore Killygore 14 John Boyd Lemavalloghan Ballygarvgh 15 Andrew McQuitty Skerrywhirry Sherrywhirry 16 John Britton Lisburn County of Down 17 John McCulloch Skirrywhirry Skirrywhirry 18 Thomas McClure Moyesett Moyesett 19 Robert Dool Ballyglenolagh Ballyglenolagh 20 Charles Stewart Craighdoor & Froughdoo Craighdoo 21 John Becket Pharish Pharish 22 William Patterson Inishiloughlin Inishiloughlan 23 John Watson Trumry & Magabbry Trumry 24 Samuel Thompson Aghalee Aghalee 25 Alexander McDonald Ballymacilcrany Ballymacilcrany 26 Moses Kernoghan Largynure Largynure 27 George Wardell Broughmore Broughmore 28 Henry Boyd Tully Tully Glenarm 29 Richd Braithwait Lambeg (Glenmore) Lambeg 30 John Edger Poleglass Foleglass 31 Jaob Kinnedy Kilwaughter Kilwaughter 32 James Gaully Aghalee Aghalee 33 Thomas Gaully Aghalee Aghalee 34 John Hopes Lurgill Lurgill 35 William Dunlap Legmore Legmore 36 William Totten Broughmore Broughmore 37 John Murray Lurgynure Lurgynure 38 Thomas Montgomery Aghnakeernon Aghnakernan 39 William Crawford Ballygilbert Ballygilbert 40 William Gihon Ballymena Ballymena 41 William Shaw Broad Island Broad Island 42 William Pollock Belfast & Glenhugh Belfast 43 William McBride Belfast Belfast 44 George Mitchell Belfast Belfast 45 James Patterson Belfast Belfast 46 Samuel Ashmore Belfast Belfast 47 Robert Spence Brocklemont Brocklemont 48 John Mackay Ballygown Ballygown 49 John Wallace Ballygown Ballygown 49 Thomas Hodskis Dornisk Dornisk 50 Robert Getty Larne & Antilevally Larne 51 Thomas Buchanan Louginure Lurginure 52 Thomas Kernoghan Lurginure Lurginure 53 John Bradshaw Lurginure Lurginure 54 James Hamilton Corkey Corkey 55 Thomas Taylor Drumsil Drumsil 56 James Auntwistle Aughinlish Aughinlish 57 James Gibson Aughinlish Aughinlish 58 William Anderson Lisburn Lisburn




1 Thomas ONeill Shanes Castle Shanes Castle 2 Hugh Fulton Bunchanaglory Bunchanaghlory 3 James McKerly Kenbilly Kenbilly 4 William Birch Randalstown Randalstown 5 John Bryan Ballytromery Ballytromery 6 David Gibson Groggan Groggan 7 John Davison Knockboy Knockboy 8 David Beatty Belfast Belfast 9 John Jameyson Ballycraigagh Ballycraigagh 10 Edwd McIlvennan Ballymacilhoyle Ballymacilhoyle 11 John Holmes Sen Belfast Dublin 12 John Ewing Belfast Belfast 13 John Henderson Belfast Belfast 14 John Jordan Galgorm Park Galgorm 15 Joseph Stevenson Belfast Belfast 16 Archibald Scott Belfast Belfast 17 William Small Ballygrooby Ballygrooby 18 James Walker Ballindread or Andread Andraid 19 Thomas Hamilton Kilgreel Kilgreel 20 John Graham Glenwhirry Glenwhirry SK 21 Edward Taylor Clontariff Clontariff 22 William Wheeler Aghnalough Lisburn 23 Robert Peerce Aghnahough Aghnahough 23 John Cuming Aughinkinmoney Aughinkinmoney 24 William Clements Ballydonaghy Ballydonaghy 25 Hugh Shurlock Ballydonaghy Ballydonaghy 26 Henry Hull Ballydonaghy Ballydonaghy 27 Thomas Richardson Legmore Legmore 28 Sallan Moores Ballynenaten Ballynenaten 29 George Masklin Lisburn Lisburn C 30 John McMaster Ballyvoy Ballyvoy 31 John Lepper Whiteabbey Whiteabbey 32 William Ravenhile Lisburn Lisburn 33 Anthony Blizard Ballydonnell Ballydonnell 34 William Owens Slatt Slatt 35 Valentine Whitla Goberana Goberana 36 Nicholas Oakman Ballyminnimore Ballyminnimore 37 John Bellshaw Brookhill Brookhill 38 John Cairns Knockcairn Whitehouse 39 William Tate Morusk Morusk W 40 John Surjenor Tullynahinnion Tullynahinnion 41 James Dickey Dunmore Dunmore 42 John Forsyth Bryantang Ballynure 43 James Kenley Belfast Belfast 44 John Wilson Belfast Belfast 45 William Kirk Legaloy Legaloy 46 Samuel Park Legaloy Legaloy 47 William Oakman Ballydonaghy Ballydonaghy 48 James Dickie Aghnadore Aghanadore 49 Henry Linn Carnkeerin Carnkeerin




1 Isaac Ramage Belfast Belfast 2 Charles Stewart Roseyards Roseyards 3 Edward Wynne Bellisle Bellisle 4 Hugh Miller Belfast Belfast 5 James Wilson Belfast Belfast 6 James Weir Belfast Belfast 7 Samuel Wallace Ballynamony Ballynamoney 8 Robert McIlroy Drumkeerin Belfast 9 John Knoxe Drunreagh Drumreagh 10 William Cook Ballylenullagh Ballylenullagh D 11 Hercules Heyland Esq Templepatrick Belfast 12 John Brice Green Castle Green Castle 13 John Gordon Carnstrone Carnstrones 14 Patrick Brown Crevemoy & Recaven Crevemoy 15 James Drennan Ballyclose Ballyclose 16 John Hood Aghnadore near Broughshane 17 Daniel Rogers Ranoneyglass Moneyglass 17 James Nicholl Craignageeragh Craignageeragh 18 Rowan ONeill Ballyligpatrick Ballyligpatrick 19 Thomas Dickey Ballydonnellan near Ballymena IK 20 William Duncan Maghraleave Maghraleave 21 James Agnew Curran of Larne Larne 22 Revd Mattw Haslet Rebendarry of Connor near Portaferry Co. of Down 23 William Forrest Lisburn Lisburn 24 Gilbert McBrinn Ballynaboley Ballynaboley 25 Thomas Briggs Gortnacurry Gortnacurry 26 Robert Derham Ballydonelly Ballydonaghy 27 James Higginson Junr Drumcrow Lisburn 28 Edward Buntin Clontariff Ballenderry 29 Edward Higginson Lurganteneel Lurganteneel C 30 Edward Taggart Ballynashee Ballynashee 31 Robert Scott Dundrod Dundrod 32 Walter Oakman Ballydonaghy Ballydonaghy 33 David Spence Carnloughran Carnloughran 34 James Gardner Pubbles Pubbles 35 Stewart Rowan Esq Deraw [Descrderring] 36 Robert Stewart Style Lurgan - Co Armagh 37 Joseph Niblo Larne Larne 38 Whitney Bowman Carntall Carrickfergus 39 James McCully Aghalee Aghalee W 40 Nathl Magee Malone Malone 41 James Reid Kenbilly Kenbilly 42 John Scott Monester Monester 43 Neal McGolpin Straid Ballynure Straid 44 William Swan Killaly Killaly D 45 Thomas Clownish Belfast Belfast 46 James Crawford Lishugh Lishugh 47 James Kennison Belfast Belfast 48 Joseph Smith Belfast Belfast 49 George Bell Ballytresna & Ballylurgan Shanes Castle SK 49 William Crooks Inishiloughlin Moira, Co Down 50 William Carrol Creenagh Creenagh 51 William McClure Dornisk Dornisk 51 John Usher Ballymacilcreny Ballymackilcreny 52 Edward Usher Aghalee Aghalee 53 Joseph Allen Tullynubane Tullynubane 54 John Coburn Kilmakee Kilmakee 55 Arthur Thompson Lurgantileel Lurgantincel 56 Thomas McClune Broughmore Broughmore 57 John Hall Broughmore Broughmore




1 Peter Dunlap Ballybreak Knockan 2 John Campbell Belfast Belfast 3 William Scott Skillgrinoban Skillgrinoban 4 Alexander Kennedy Dunturky Dunturky 5 Joseph Thompson Carnahilis Carnahilis 6 James McMillan Dunturky Dunturky 7 John McBurney Largy Largy 8 Robert McCamont Legaloy Legaloy 9 John Scott Legaloy Legaloy 10 Hans Adgar Killyfad Killyfad IK 11 Arthur Buntin [Ballgsillan] Cottage 12 Angus Sinclaire Belfast Belfast 13 Thomas Sinclaire Belfast Belfast 14 John Ferguson Kilmakee Belfast 15 Thomas McCadam Belfast Belfast 16 William Smith Broughshane Broughshane 16 William McCullogh Headwood Headwood 17 David Taylor Drumnagashall Randalstown Rent Charge Dundermot Bridge (Dromore) 18 James Craig Ballyhackett Carrickfergus 19 James Bryson Crosshill Crosshill 20 Robert Davison Broughshane Broughshane H 21 Richard Ingram Ballyvannon Ballyvannon 22 William Ratcliff Kilmakee Dunmurry 23 William Gordon Killeaton Derryaghy 23 James Murray Lisburn Lisburn 24 Thomas Dick Morusk Morusk 25 Oliver Bicket Ballycormick Castlewellan 26 Francis Anderson Drumsil Drumsil 27 Edward Higginson Killagarvey Linnagarvey 28 John Buntin Clontariff Clontariff W 29 Alexr Ross M.D. Belfast Belfast C 30 Ezekiel Dayys Wilson Ballow Carrickfergus 31 Robert Rowan Esq Garry Mossfield 32 George Moores Ballymoney Greenville 33 Conway McNice Ballyvollan Ballyvollan 34 James Saunders Legatarriff Legatariff 35 Joseph Peel Legatariff Legatariff 36 Samuel Thompson Ballydonnele Tanyballydonnell 37 James Geddes Derrykilultagh Derry Kilultagh 38 John Connor Loughrelisk Loughrelisk 39 Samuel Wright Mullacartin Mullacartin 40 Richd Matchell Ballycarn Ballycarn



TUESDAY 18TH 1776 

1 John Deal Ballycloghan Ballycloghan 2 Nathaniel Major Ballyrobin Belfast 3 Robert Russell Galgorm Ballymena 4 William Purdon Cape Castle Cape Castle 5 James Whiteside Malone Malone 6 James Anderson Moyargit Moyargit 7 Daniel Boyd Jun Culbrim Culbrim 7 Samuel Burnside Mackfin & Artigorn & Cloghmills Mackfin 8 James Mellat Bellagan Bellagan 9 Gabriel Clark Craignageeragh Craignageeragh 10 James Curry Antrim Antrim 11 Francis Sloan Ballysessy Ballysessy 12 Thomas Beggs Antrim Antrim

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