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Available extracts of Wills

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Public Record Office for Northern Ireland


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Copies of extracts of wills and marriage


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Copies of extracts of wills and marriage licence bonds for the County of Armagh and Tullyhue census.

1. Carter, Wm., 1812.

1. Carter, M.L.B. Thos. of Outleg Par. and Co. Armagh, farmer, and Elinor Mitchell of Golen Par., Derrynorse, Spinster. 18th Nov., 1777.

1. Carter, M.L.B. of Jerimia (see) Carter of Armagh in the town and Co. of Armagh, Corp. of 4th Reg. Foot and Jane Hewens of Armagh, spr. 15th October 1781.

1. Carter, M.L.B. of Margaret of Mulleynure and Joseph Brown of same. Par. Armagh.

2. Whaley, Armagh Will of Geo. Whaley of Tullyhue

parish. Ballymore. 1825 Date.

Whaley, M.L.B. of Wm. Whaley of Kilmorerty, Co. Armagh, and Cecily Cregan of same. 19th August 1780.

Whaley, M.L.B. of Joseph Carter, Armagh City, grocer, and Sarah Whealy of the Park of Ballymore, Spinster. 5th April 1808.

3. Whaley, Armagh Will of David Whaley dated 3rd February 1728. Farmer

4. Whaley, Armagh Will of Daniel Whaley of Tullyhue. 20th March 1812.

5. Judith Countess of Farnham. P. Will 1775.

5. Lea Humphrey, late Par. of Errigal, Co. Tyrone. (P. Will made or proved 25th June 1629)

5. Graves, Jane Hodson, Widow of Rev. John Graves of Gravesend, Co. Derry, 1789.
6. Graves, Samuel of Castledawson. P. Will 1728.

6. Stuart, James, Par. of Clonoe. P. Will 1737.

6. Houston, Jane, Spinster. P. Will 1727. (Advouson of Donaghenry).

6. Percival, Wm., Rector of Aghanlo, Co. Derry. P. Will. c.1747.

7. Hamilton, Hans, Frankfield Co. Armagh. P. Will 1728


Richardson James, Derry City P. Will 1729. Stone, George, Armagh. P. Will 1729.

8. Workman, Meredith, Portadown, Chancery Degree. 23rd February 1780.

Also Decree against Meredith Workman (Same) 8th July, 1758, by Rev. Hen: Blacker and ors. executors of Jas. Twigg.
Notes from P.R.O. (Dublin?)

9-11 Rafferty, Anne of Lis[ ] achren, Co. Derry. Administration to her father. 3rd May, 1804.

Whaley and Carrick M.L.B. of Wm. Carrick of Loughgall and Ann Whalley, of Tamakeel, Drumcree (dau. of Wm. Atkinson). Bond by Pat Murphy of Tamnamore, 4th July 1747.

Whaley, Armagh Will of Thos. Whaley of Tullyhue, Linendraper, 1734.

Extracts from 1821 Census, Armagh, Outlack (Lisnadill)

ref. to Carters, Griffen, Balls, Bevins, Carpendales, Kellys, Millers, Whites, Clelands, Allott, Ryan.

Tullyhue Census 1821.
Ref. to Whaleys.


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