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Rent Roll Lurgan 1635

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Public Record Office for Northern Ireland

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A rent roll of Sir William Brownlowe\'s half yeares rent ending Allsaints, 1635.

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Description :  All spellings as original document

A rent roll of Sir William Brownlowe\'s half yeares rent ending Alsaints, 1635.
William Gill £01. 16s. 06d.
Henry and William Hunter £01. 16s. 08d.
Part Butconell Robert Gibbs £05. 03s. 04d.
Part Kilnargett Leonard Riggs £00. 17s. 06d. Anna Boomer £01. 00s. 00d.
Part Tirmoyry Robert and Leonard Pierson £03. 13s. 04d.
Montaghes and
John and
Garrett Barry £45. 00s. 00d.
Clanrolla £09. 16s. 08d.
Dromnikerney £07. 08s. 00d.
Clangillovoriff £06. 06s. 08d.
Monbreff £04. 04s. 00d.
Thomas Calvert £02. 05s. 10d.
Part [Tullegally]
Monbreif Henry Calvert £00. 12s. 06d.
1/2 Tullidagon Thomas Hooker £02. 15s. 00d.
Part Donagreighan
\"neare it\" John Ridgall £03. 03s. 04d.
Edward Brice
£03. 03s. 04d.
Part Carricknegair John Gregson £03. 16s. 08d.
Part Carricknegair Widdow of Launcelott Pierson £03. 03s. 04d.
William Hooker £01. 16s. 08d.
Part Bromnikelly John Ogell £02. 15s. 00d.
Part Bromnikelly Edward Atkinson £01. 16s. 08d.
Tannaghmore £06. 13s. 04d.
William White £01. 10s. 00d.
£120. 14s. 00d.


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