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The Herenaghs of Fermanagh

Patent Rolls of James I p. 383 Pat. 16 James I

 XXXI.- 22 - Inquisition, taken at eniskilline, 18 Sep. 7th,

  Jan. I. before the commissioners named in the preceding 

  commision, and the following jury:

  Donnell McGuire,              Patrick McDonnell,

  Dean of Logherne,             Patrick McHugh McGuire,

  Shane McHugh,                 Brian Mc Doile McCabe,

  Brian O'Corchran,             Cormocke O'Cassidie,

  Owen O'Flanigan,              Hugh O'Flanigan,

  Brian McThomas,               Gilegare O'Hoane,

  Shane McEnabbe McGuire,       Richard O'Hoane, and

  Rorie O'Corrigan,             Cahill McGuire,

   Herenaghs or Duogasa named in the text

   Phelim O'Muldowne [Mac Mhaoldúin?] GF

   Sept of Munteraran [MacMoruinn?] GF

   O'Flanagan [Ó Flannagáin] GF

   O'Fellan and his sept


   O'Cassidie [Ua Caiside] See Lifford & Armagh Inquistions

   Slut Laughlin McGuire (slut laughlin) GF

   Munterconnellie (O'Connelly)

   Munter luynn [O Luinin] authors of GF

   McGackequin [Mag Uiginn or Mac Guagain] See the Lifford Inquisition

   McGaraghan (Clan mcgarraghan) [Mac Garacháin, "Mag Arachain] GF

   ClanmcIteggart [Mac an t-Saggairt] See Armagh Inquisitions

   Munterowen [Ó hEogáin] GF

   O'Breslan - see the Lifford Inquistion




   Slut McEnaspick McGuire GF

   O'Corrigan (Muntercorkeran) [Ó Coirecain] GF

   O'Quigley [O Coigligh]

   McDonegan [Mac Donnagain]

   O'Carberie [O Cairbre]



   O'Downan [Ó Dúnáin - GF]

   Munterkeran [O Ciaran]

   clanmacglasset (Clan McGlassett)




    Extracts from the Text


  Finding - that the bishop of Clogher is seised in fee in right of

  his see, in Lurge half-barony, of the following rent refections 

  and duties out of the herenagh land of Maghericoolmany.....

  whereof Phelim O'Muldowne is herenagh

  that in the said barony is Maghericoolmanny parish .....

  in this parish is Ballioconnell chapel with 1 tate of herenagh

  land belonging to it, whereof O'Connelly is herenagh...

  That Cooolemckernan barony is part of Derrimoyland parish

  in Tircannada 11/2 barony, are parcel of the possessions of the late

  priory of Collidea, in this 1/2 barony is the chapel and grange of 

  BallimcIteggart, containing 1 tate, new measure, possessed by the 

  sept of Munteraran, who are the natives thereof,...

  ...the herenagh lands of Inismissaugh, of which O'Flanagan is herenagh..

  ...out of the herenagh land of Boghae... O'Fellan and his sept are the 

  herenaghs, and under him is another sept in the nature of an herenagh, 

  called Clanmcgarraghan...O'Fellan and his sept enjoy the rest

  of the 1/2 qr., and O'Felan has one of those free taes, called karme, 

  to himself, and the other, called Rostollon, is divided among his sept 

  or doughasses equally according to their proportion of chargeable land.

  Out of the herenagh land of Devenish...O'Tullie is the chief and 

  herenagh of half of this land, O'Cassidie is herenagh of one quarter and

  O'Casy of the other.

  Out of the herenagh land of Rosserrierie....Slut Laughlin McGuire, 

  Munterluynn, and Munterconnellie are the 3 herenaghs of these lands..

  That in the barony of Magheriboy and Twora are the folowing parishes,

  Enishmisssaugh parish....in this parish is the chapel of ease of Fennoare in

  Macginy, to which the vicar is to send a curate, also the chapel of Ballyhanny, 

  with 1 qr of herenagh land, old measure, of which McGackequin is herenagh...

  Boghae parish .... in this parish is the chapel of ease called Templemullin

  on a tate of land, the sept of McGaraghan the posessors, paying out to 

  the late abbey of Lisgoole 5 gallons of butter and one axe...

  Devenish parish...in this parish is the chapel of ease, called Moynyagh, 

  with 1/2 tate of herenagh land, of which ClanmcIteggart was herenagh...

  Out of the herenagh lands of Eniskine...of which Munterowen is herenagh...

  [in Coyle and Tircannada half baronies]... out of Derrymoylan, containing 4 1/2 qr

  new measure, of which O'Breslan is chief herenagh, and had 1 qr free to himself 

  and his sept..and there are 3 herenaghs out of 2 tates in Farrenarioght, of which 

  ClanmcRowrie is herenagh, 3s 4d yearly of which O'Breslan is the 

  chief ...out of Derrivoruske.... Clanmcgilcoskilly and Munteriegh are 

  herenaghs of this land..

  1/2 qr. of herenagh land, called Puble-Patrick and Drumkeneda... the herenagh

  is Munterowen, who is to maintain the chapel, and the vicar of Eniskine is to 

  maintain a curate there...

  ..the herenagh land of Aghalurcher,... of which Slut McEnaspick McGuire is the


  in the same barony is the chapel of Magheriveleke, with 1/2 tate, being parcel 

  of Cloinys parish in Monaghan co., O'Corrigan is the duoghass of theat 

  land, paying thereout yearly 10 white groats to the bishop..

  in the same barony is the chapel of Clontiveria, two tates of land being parcel 

  of Clonis parish, of which land O'Quigley is the duoghass, who pays 

  thereout yearly 20 groats to the bishop..

  out of Goaloane containing 7 1/2 qr. tates new measure, of which the 1/2 tate 

  is free to the herenagh, McDonegan.... in this land are 3 herenaghs,

  McDonegan, O'Carberie, and McGillachoyle...

  out of Drumulchy, containing 2 tates new measure, of which muntergore 

  is the herenagh....

  Goalone parish .... in this parish is the chapel of ease of Donoghmoycline 

  with 1/2 tate of land, of which O'Downan is the duoghasa...

  out of the herenagh land of Clenys, containing 2 1/2 qr. new measure in

  Clanarlie barony, of which the 3 herenaghs, Slut laughlin, Muntercorkeran,

  and Munterkeran, have 1 tate of said land free, equally divided between them 

  and their septs...also a rent of 2s out of the chapel and 2 small tates of 

  herenagh land of Templemmoulin, of which O'Corkeran is the herenagh, 

  and which is in that part of clonys parish that extends into Tircanada..


  in this parish is the chapel of ease of Templeneferin with a tate of 

  herenagh land of which clanmacglasset  is the herenagh, he has the 

  tithes and is to maintain the chapel, also, the chapel of Templemoyle with 

  1/2 tate of herenagh land of which Clan McGlassett is the herenagh...

  the herenagh land of Kilenallie, containing 3 tates new measure, of 

  which Muntergromagh is herenagh in Clonawlie barony...

  out of the herenagh land of Killesser, containing 1/2 tate new measure, 

  of which Munterbleake is herenagh...

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