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County Monaghan c 1778


A Catholic in penal times was presumed guilty of disloyalty to the authorities unless he could prove himself innocent. To avail of the provisions of the Catholic Relief Acts, from 1778 he had to take an oath of loyalty at the assizes in the county town. The names were then registered in the Catholic Qualification Rolls according to surname, Christian name, occupation, address, date and place of taking the oath. These lists are a valuable addition to local and family history.

The following is from the Clogher Record, published, and transcribed from MS 2486 in the National Library of Ireland, where the author, Rev. P. O. Gallachair, used the microfilm copy of the ms. (Neg. 1898-9; Pos. 1898-9 and also from MS aA.52.77 in the PRO in Dublin. List no. I comes from the NL Manuscript, list II comes from the PRO Dublin. [The do. after the names is ditto. A list for County Fermanagh is also printed in the Clogher Record.]

Barker, James, yarn merchant, Monaghan: 14 April, 1779, Monaghan.

Begg, James, shopkeeper, Monaghan; do. do.

Beggan, Bryan, farmer, Killilong; 20 Sept. 1782; do.

Brady, James, yarn merchant, Monaghan; 14 April, 1779; do.

Carrokin (Carrolin?). John, gentm. Carrickmacross; 21 Sept. 1778; Drogheda.

Clinton, Richard, farmer, Maghernacloy; 14 April, 1779; Monaghan

Connollv, Terence, farmer, Magherarney; do. do.

Connolly, John, farmer, Esker; do. do.

Conry, Thmas, grocer, Monaghan; do. do.

Clarke, Thomas, merchant, do. do. do.

Campbell, Patt, glazier, do. do. do.

Caulfield, Jos (?) grazier, Derryname; do. do.

Callan, James, yarn merchant, Monaghan; do. do.

Caulfield, Patrick, yarn merchant, Derenagh; do. do.

Calan, Bernard, Tadenbill (Tadenhill?); 20 Sept. 1782 do.

Casey, Bernard priest, Currin; do, do.

Coyle, Francis, Popish Priest, Monrahy; do. do

Colgan, Thomas, professor of humanity, Clones; do. do.

Duffy, James, apothecary, Ballybay; 11 March 1782; Cavan.

Duffy, Peter, priest, Aughnamullan; 20 Sept. 1782 Monaghan.

Duffy, Edward, priest, Clones; do. do

Enraught, Robert, hatter, Monaghan; 14 April 1779; do.

Geoghegan, Roger, merchant, Castletown Co. Mon. 11 March 1782; Cavan

Garlin, James, cardwinder, Eamyvale; 14 April, 1779; Monaghan

Garland, Robert, slator, Monaghan; do. do.

Hughes, Terence, innkeeper, Monaghan; do. do.

Hughes, William, weaver, Corlath; do. do.

Hughes, Peter, shopkeeper, Monaghan; do. do

Joyce, John, steward, Glaslough; do. do

Kerr, Bartly, shoemaker, Monaghan, do. do.

Keating, William, farmer, Toligast; 20 Sept. 1782; do.

Keating, James, smith, Tulilost; do, do.

Loughran, John, butcher, Carrickmacross; 14 Apr 1779; do.

Lamb, Terence, innkeeper, Knockboy; do. do.

Lumesby, James, labourer, Monaghan; do. do.

McDonald, Bernard, linen draper, Templetate; 14 Dec. 1778 Chancery.

McKenna, William, gentm. Wi1lvi11e, Co. Mon. 14 Apri1, 1779; do.

McKenna, James, disti1ler, Brook, Co. Mon. do. do.

Moynagh, Francis, tay1or, Monaghan; do. do.

McEntee, James, merchant, do. do. do.

Mohan, Arthur, labourer, Corlath; do. do.

McEntee, Peter, shopkeeper, Monaghan; do. do.

McArd1e, Patrick, whee1wright, Monaghan, do, do.

Murphy, Laurence, farmer, Aughaboy; do. do.

McCarney, Patrick, innkeeper, Monaghan; do, do.

McMahon, Barnaby, shopkpr. do. do. do.

Magennety, Michae1, dea1er, Doohamlet; do, do,

McKenna, Hugh, dealer, Monaghan; do,

May, Wil1iam, carpenter, do. do. do.

McKenna, Owen, farmer, Kilmore do. do.

McMahon, Conn, merchant, Monaghan, do. do.

McMahon, Hugh, farmer, Carron; do. do.

McMahon, James, shopkeeper, Monaghan; do. do.

McMahon, Patrick, cooper, Clones; do. do.

McCabe, Alexander, farmer, Annakube (?); do., do.

McCarney, James, writing clerk, Clones; do., do.

McCarney, Thady, distiller, do., do., do.

McDonnell, Hugh, farmer, Aghnagap; do, do.

McGinnis, John, baker, Monaghan; do, do.

Mackey, Hugh, taylor, do, do., do.

McGuire, Joseph, distiller, Clones; do, do.

Malone, Hugh, writing clerk, do., do.

Murray, James, labourer, Aughnaseda; do.

Murray, Francis, weaver, do., do., do.

McKenna, Cormac, butcher, Aghnap; do, do.

Murphy, James, shopkeeper, Monaghan; do, do.

McDonald, John, merchant, Templetate; do, do.

McDonnell, Randall, mercht., Carrickmacross, do, do.

McGrory, Dominick, yarn mcht., Claghnort;, do, do,

Mohan, Barnaby, famer, Mullaghmat; do, do.

Mohan, Francis, do, do, do,

McKenna, John, publican, Glenan; do, do.

McKenna, Patrick, butcher, Monaghan; do. do

McElmeel, Bryan, farmer, Drumleste; do, do.

Murphy, James, priest, Todowatt; 30 Sept 1782; do.

McArdle, James, priest, Clantibritt; do. do.

Mc Gough, Patt, Drumgor; do. do.

McNally, John, merchant, Clones; do. do.

Murphy, James, Kil1i1ong; do. do.

Mullin, Neal, farmer, Drumartigan; 23 Aug. 1786; do.

McArdle, Peter, linen weaver, Anypart; do. do.

Owen, Edward, priest, Killivan; 23 Sept 1782; db.

O'Neil, John, curate, Monaghan, i; do. do.

Plunkett, James, Rocksavage; 6 Oct. 1778; Kilmainham Qr. Ses.

Rei11y, James, printer, Monaghan; 16th March 1779; Cavan.

Rei11y, Thomas, farmer, Bawn; do. do.

Ronaghan, Philip, farmer, Monaghan; 14 April 1779; Monaghan.

Rogers, Francis, merchant, do. do. do.

Rei11y, Hugh, R.C. Bishop of C1ogher, Co. Monaghan; 20 Sept 1782; Monaghan

Sherry, Arthur, farmer, Ki1murry, 24 Nov. 1784 do

Sweeny, George, merchant, Monaghan; 14 Apr 1779

Sweeny, Alexander, farmer, Eriguil; do. do.


Black, Edwd, farmer, Corkeeran; 18 March 1793 Monaghan

Commins, Patk, servant, Ship St. Dublin; do. do

Clarke, Edwd. farmer, Corkeeran; do. do

Duffy, Thos. do, Knockavolis; do.do.

Duffey, Pat. do, Castleblayney; do. do.

Meighan, Edwd. Publican, Monaghan; do.do.

Maguire, Denis, yarn mercht. Clones, Co Cavan (sic); 23 April 1795 Enniskillen

Shevlan, Philip, farmer, Cornalough; do. do.

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