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Belfast to New York : 18 May 1811

  AMBERSON,James		Halls Mill,

  ARMSTRON,Eliza		Down,

  ARMSTRON,Wm.		Down,

  BEALLY,Alex./Fam    	Hillsborough,

  BONNELL,John		Queen's Co,

  BURNS,Samuel		Halls Mills,

  CARLTON,A.	  	Hillsborough,


  COIN,Ann/Child		BELFAST,

  COPELAND,Wm.		Down,

  CURRY,Mary	  	Hillsborough,

  DAIL,Edw./Fam	 	Rathfreland,

  DEEK,James	  	Ballynahinch,

  GAMBLE,James		Ballynahinch,

  GELISON,Samuel		Down,

  GREEN,Sally	 	Lurgan,

  GURLEY,John/Fam     	Down,

  HALL,Robert/Fam     	BELFAST,

  HAMMILTON,John		Hillsborough,

  HAMMILTON,Mary		Hillsborough,

  HASBY,Robert		Maze,

  HINDS,Rich/Fam		Drumore,

  KENNEDY,James	 	Halls Mill,

  KENNEDY,Rachael     	Banford,

  KENNEDY,Robt.	 	Banford,

  LAMB,John	   	Maze,

  LOWRY,Robt/Fam		Charlemont,

  MAGUINIS,Isabella   	Down,

  MAGUINIS,John	 	Down,

  MARHARG,James	 	Down,

  MARK,Joseph	 	Drumore,

  MCCONNELL,James     	Hill Hall,

  MCCONNELL,Sarah     	Hill Hall,

  MCCULLOUGH,Hamilton 	Tyrone,

  MCCURRY,Henry	 	Hillsborough,

  MCMAHON,Sarah	 	Drumore,

  MORRISON,James/Fam  	Armagh,

  MORRISON,John	 	Magheragel,

  MORROW,John	 	Banford,

  NEILSON,John/Fam    	Down,

  NIXON,George		Kill Warlin,

  NIXON,Mary	  	Kill Warlin,

  ORR,John/Fam		Hill Halls,

  ORR,Wm./Fam	 	Hill Halls,

  PEPPER,Ed./Fam		Moyallon,

  SMITH,John	  	Ballynahinch,

  SMITH,Susan	 	Ballynahinch,

  STINSON,Mary/Fam    	Moyallon,

  TATE,James	  	Maze,

  TETTERTON,Ellen     	Banford,

  TETTERTON,Robt.     	Banford,

  THOMPSON,George     	Belfast,

  WALL,Ester	  	Banbridge,

  WALL,John/Fam	 	Banbridge

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