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Newry to New York : 5/18/1803

 ALLEN	Isabella	32			Market-hill

 BARDER	Sarah		31	Labourer	Ballybery

 BROTHERS	Charlotte	26	Labourer	Banbridge

 BROTHERS	John		30	Labourer	Monaghan

 BROTHERS	Rebecca		45	Labourer	Newry

 BRUDEN	Richard		28	Labourer	Fentona

 BURDEN	John		32	Labourer	Ballybery

 CAHOONE	Mary		22			Cavan

 COLLINS	Isaac		30	Labourer	Monaghan

 COLLINS	John		36	Labourer	Market-hill

 CRAWLEY	Samuel		35	Labourer	Cootehill

 CROWLEY	Mary		39			Market-hill

 CROWLEY	Patrick		39	Labourer	Market-hill

 DEBLOIS	Rebecca		24			Ballyconnell

 DOWNS	James		30	Labourer	Cootehill

 ELLIS	Henry		30	Labourer	Newry

 FARREL	James		40	Labourer	Stewartstown

 FURE	Thomas		39	Labourer	Newry

 LEWIS	Thomas		30	Labourer	Monaghan

 MARTIN	John		36	Labourer	Monaghan

 MARTIN	Mary		20	Labourer	Banbridge

 MICHAEL	John		30	Labourer	Dundalk

 MYTROOD	Hannah		25	Labourer	Newry

 OVERING	Mary		25			Cavan

 PHILIPS	Benjamin	30	Labourer	Dundalk

 PHILLIPS	Patrick		24	Labourer	Strabane

 ROONEY	Thomas		40	Labourer	Banbridge

 SLEITH	Wm.		23	Labourer	Dundalk

 SMITH	Thomas		37	Labourer	Bathfriland

 WHITHOM	Eliza.		23			Killyshandon

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