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Passengers of the Golconda from Londonderry to New York.
Published by The Shamrock, 15 June, 1811.

Margt. Alexander

Mary Atkins

Patrick Barney

Jacob Bell

Mary Bell

Dennis Boyle

Catherine Burns

Darby Burns

Henry Burns

James Burns

James Burns

John Burns & Family

John Burns & Family

Murphy Burns

Thomas Burns

Thomas Burns & Family

John Caldwell & Family

John Cannon

Philip Carling

William Crone

C. Cunningham

Coudy Cunningham

Dan. Cunningham

J. Cunningham

Barney Donald

Eleanor Donald

Michael Donald

Dudly Dougherty

John Duffey

John Fanan

John Fanen

Thomas Faren

John Fletcher

Jacob Giller

Alex. Glass

Isabella Glass

Domonick Golley

Daniel Hagerty

Michael Hagerty

Mary Haggerty

Benjamin Haughey

Peter Haughey

John Hazelton

William Henry

Patrick Hickings

William Hickings

Samuel Johnson

John Kerr

Daniel Kirr

Robert Lyons

Hanry Manely

Michael Manely

John McColley

Edw. McConway

John McConley

John McFaden

Edward McGanty

Margt. McGave

Danl. McGinness

John McGreedy

John McMannyman

Biddy Minetes

Francis Minetes

John Mollony

Rodger Murray

Robert Philson

Samuel Pollock

William Pollock

John Rodgers

Mary Rodgers

John Rudder

Patrick Rudder

Thomas Scott

James Shawkling

Alex. Smiley

James Smiley

Jeremiah Starr

David Stewart

James Taylor

Issabelly Timons

Timothy Timons

Bany Traner

Ralph Waddel

John White

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