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The Harvey Hide

Belfast to New York : 1/12/1811

 ANDERSON, 	George	Newtonards Down	

 ANDERSON, 	Jennet		Newtonards Down	

 ANDERSON, 	Samuel	Newtonards Down	

 ANDERSON	, T.		Newtonards Down	

 ASLEIN,  John		Belfast Antrim	

 AULD, James				Grange Antrim	

 AULD, Mary			Grange Antrim	

 BELL, David				Lochgall Armagh	

 BROWN, Francis			Kelbroghts Antrim	

 BROWN, John				Lochgall Antrim	

 COAL, Alley			Drumboa Down	

 COAL, James				Drumboa Down	

 COIL, Peter				Daryluren Tyrone	

 COIL, Rosa			Daryluren Tyrone	

 COIL, Sarah				Daryluren Tyrone	

 COIL, William				Daryluren Tyrone	

 COMPBELL, 	Mrs. W.	 	Blaris Down	

 COUPLES, Elizh.		Aughderg Down	

 COUPLES, James		Aughderg Down	

 DAVIDSON, 	John		Lochgall Armagh	

 DAVIS, William			Hillsboro Down	

 DAVIS, William			Blairis Down	

 DOBBLIN, Leonard		Killeman Down	

 FRANCES, Martha			

 FRANCES, Wm.		Drumall Antrim	

 GRENDLE, Robert			Kellmore Armagh	

 GRENDLE, Sarah		Kellmore Armagh	

 HARRISON, 	John		Aughardy Down	

 HARRISON, Mary		Aughardy Down	

 HARVEY, Mrs. R.	 		Blairis Down	

 HARVEY, Robert			Blairis Down	

 JENKINSON, Ann		Lochgall Armagh	

 JENKINSON, Elizh.	 		Lochgall Armagh	

 JENKINSON, Isaac		Lochgall Armagh	

 JENKINSON, Isaac 2		Lochgall Armagh	

 JENKINSON, James		Lochgall Armagh	

 JENKINSON, Mrs.		Lochgall Armagh	

 KENNEDY, Mrs. J.		Douaghmore Tyrone	

 LAW, William		Kalmchie Down	

 LICTSON, Mary		Larne Antrim	

 LICTSON, Thomas		Larne Antrim	

 LISTON, Eliza.		Kellmore Armagh	

 LISTON, John		Kellmore Armagh	

 MCCANCE, James		Newtonards Down	

 MCKENZIE, Alex.		Lochgall Armagh	

 MCKENZIE, Louisa		Newtonards Down	

 MCKENZIE, 	Philip	Lochgall Armagh	

 MCKENZIE, 	Ralph		Lochgall Armagh	

 MCLANNA, 	John		Daryluren Tyrone	

 MCMURRAY, 	Alex.		Kelmore Armagh	

 MCMURRAY, Hannah		Kelmore Armagh	

 MILLER, Mrs. William	Ahahill Antrim	

 MONTGOMERY, J.		Counmoney Antrim	

 MOORE, James		Donaghmore Tyrone	

 MUBREA, H.		Newtonards Down	

 SIMPSON, William		Lochgall Armagh	

 SPEIRS, Mrs. John	Donegoare Antrim	

 SPIERS, James			Donegoare Antrim	

 WELSH, John			Newtonards Down	

 WELSH,Louisa			Newtonards Down

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