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Belfast to New York : 6/1/1811

 ANDERSON,Cath.,	 	Banbridge,
 ANDERSON,Wm.,	   	Banbridge,
 BEST,George,	    	Banbridge,
 BEST,Seragh,	    	Banbridge,
 BOYD,John,	      	Down,
 CAMBLE,Joseph,	  	Dungannon,
 CHALEY,Wm.,	     	Antrim,
 CLARK,John,	     	Lurgan,
 CLELAND,Samuel,	 	Dunleery,
 CONAGHY,Bernard,		Banbridge,
 COOK,Henry,	     	Armagh,
 DEOLIN,Arthur,	  	Cullsallag,
 DEOLIN,Daniel,	  	Banbridge,
 DIXON,Joanna,	   	Dungannon,
 DIXON,Thomas,	   	Dungannon,
 EVART,David,	    	Cullsallag,
 EWART,John,	     	Moreyrea,
 FAIR,Ann,	       	Saintclaire,
 FAIR,James,	     	Saintclaire,
 FAIR,Thomas,	    	Saintclaire,
 GALLERY,Eliz,	   	Moreyrea,
 GALLERY,James,	  	Moreyrea,
 GAMBLE,Samuel,	  	Ballinahinch,
 GELSTON,James,	  	Cumber,
 GEORGE,Andrew,	  	Killead,
 GEORGE,Martha,	  	Killead,
 GEORGE,Wm.,	     	Killead,
 GLASS,John,	     	Grable,
 HAMILTON,Conway,		Molany,
 HAMILTON,Elizh,	 	Molany,
 HAMILTON,Margt.,		Molany,
 HARRISON,Jane,	  	Cairn,
 HARRISON,Thomas,		Cairn,
 HARSHAW,Wm.,	    	Down,
 JAMISON,Agnes,	  	Killinchie,
 JAMISON,Samuel,	 	Killinchie,
 JOHNSON,David,	  	Antrim,
 JOHNSON,Elinor,	 	Antrim,
 JOHNSON,Elizabeth,      Hillsborough,
 JOHNSON,Elizh.,	 	Antrim,
 JOHNSON,Hugh,	   	Hillsborough,
 JOHNSON,John,	   	Antrim,
 KEARNS,Elizh.,	  	Aghadie,
 KEARNS,James,	   	Aghadie,
 MCALPIN,Hugh,	   	Molany,
 MCALPIN,James,	  	Molany,
 MCALPIN,Jane,	   	Molany,
 MCATTER,Betty,	  	Blares,
 MCATTER,Mark,	   	Blares,
 MCATTUR,Ann,	    	Killead,
 MCATTUR,James,	  	Killead,
 MCCARTON,Charles,       Ballinahinch,
 MCCOSKERY,John,	 	Down,
 MCDOWL,Alex.,	   	Llandery,
 MCDOWL,Eliz.,	   	Saintclaire,
 MCDOWL,Ezibella,		Llandery,
 MCDOWL,Mary Ann,		Saintclaire,
 MCDOWL,Rachael,	 	Saintclaire,
 MCDOWL,Thomas,	  	Saintclaire,
 MCKEE,Jane,	     	Magradill,
 MCKEE,John,	     	Ballinahinch,
 MCKEE,John,	     	Magradill,
 MCKELERY,Jane,	  	Moreyrea,
 MCKELERY,Wm.,	   	Moreyrea,
 MCKEY,Thomas,	   	Dunleery,
 MCMAGAN,Agnes,	  	Banbridge,
 MCMAGAN,David,	  	Banbridge,
 MCMAGAN,Sarash,	 	Banbridge,
 MCMULLEN,Eliza.,		Tyrone,
 MCMULLEN,James,	 	Tyrone,
 MCMULLEN,Robert,		Tyrone,
 MENTION,Agnes,	  	Blares,
 MENTION,Alexander,      Blares,
 MITCHON,John,	   	Killead,
 MURDOUGH,Matthew,       Moira,
 PATRICK,Robert,	 	Belfast,
 PATTON,Edward,	  	Grable,
 PERRY,Hugh,	     	Cullsallag,
 PERRY,Margt.,	   	Cullsallag,
 PHILLIPS,Eliza.,		Glenary,
 PHILLIPS,Thomas,		Glenary,
 REID,Wm,			Cumber,
 RHEA,David,	     	Killead,
 RHEA,Seragh,	    	Killead,
 STEPHANS,Elinor,		Cumber,
 STEPHANS,Thomas,		Cumber,
 STEPHANSON,John,		Armagh,
 STEPHENSON,Samuel,      Killead,
 SWEENEY,Patrick,		Ballinahinch,
 SWEENEY,Prudence,       Ballinahinch,
 SWEENEY,Wm.,	    	Ballinahinch,
 TURKENTON,James,		Dungannon,
 TURKENTON,Jane,	 	Dungannon,
 TURKENTON,John,		Dungannon,

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