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List of passengers to go on board the American ship Maria, of Wilmington, bound for Philadelphia, sworn at Londonderry, 30 March 1804.

Heny. Anderson	  	46		labourer
John Anderson	   	28		labourer
Margt. Anderson	 	36		spinster
Saml. Anderson	  	46		labourer
Wm. Anderson	    	53		labourer
Jos. Arskine	    	56		labourer
Saml. Bellman	   	33		labourer
John Bellman	    	35		labourer
James Dougherty	 	33		labourer
James Dogherty	  	51		labourer
Wm. Edmond	      	41	labourer
Nancy Fulton	    	31	spinster
Robert Fulton	   	43		labourer
Humphry Graham	  	50		labourer
Thos. Graham	    	36		labourer
Mary Ann Hammond		27	spinster
Wm. Harkin	       	25	labourer
Patt Karlin	      	42	labourer
Robert Leonard	   	21	labourer
Barny McCanna	    	43	labourer
John McConway	    	28	labourer
Mary McConway	    	26	spinster
Mary McGomery	    	17	spinster
Nancy Mckeever	   	45	spinster
Jas. McKinley	    	23	labourer
Saml. McKinley	   	33	labourer
Robert Miller	    	26	labourer
Arthur Murphy	    	49	labourer
Sarah Murphy	     	21	spinster
Margt. Pearson	   	52	spinster
Henry Rankin	     	17	labourer
John Rice			38	labourer
Frans. Scott	     	47	labourer
Hugh Smith	       	44	labourer
Ann Walker	       	24	spinster
Jas. Waker	       	40	labourer

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