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List of Passengers going to Newcastle, Wilmington and Philadelphia in the Ship PENNSYLVANIA, Elhana Bray, Master, from Londonderry, 16 April, 1803.

Mathw. Armstrong	 	23   labourer       Ballendreat
James Boyd	       	26   labourer       Sr. Johnston
Hugh Breeson	     	40   labourer       Tulerman
David Brigham	    	22   labourer       Ballyshannon
Eliz Brigham	     	26   spinster       Ballyshannon
Ezekl. Brigham	   	25   labourer       Ballyshannon
Jane Brigham	     	25   spinster       Ballyshannon
John Brigham	     	26   farmer	 Dungiven
Charles Cannery	  	28   labourer       Tulerman
Bridget Deever	   	55   spinster       Newton Limavady
Peter Derin	      	56   labourer       Clanely
Patrick Donal	    	50   labourer       Clanely
Mash Donald	      	26   labourer       Clanely
Bell Donaldson	   	36   spinster       Shabane
Jane Donaldson	   	25   spinster       Shabane
Mary Donaldson	   	20   spinster       Clanely
Mary Donaldson	   	24   spinster       Shabane
Robert Donaldson	 	46   labourer       Shabane
Fras. Dormet	     	20   labourer       Derry
Richard Dougherty		36   labourer       Tulerman
Ann Gilmour	      	15   spinster       Sr. Johnston
Samuel Gilmour	   	20		  	    Sr. Johnston
Margaret Heaton	  	28   spinster       Tulerman
Jas. Higin	       	10   labourer       Sr. Johnston
Alexr. Houston	   	45   labourer       Dungiven
Francis Houston	  	20   labourer       Dungiven
Jas. King			45   labourer       Dungiven
Patrick Lealer	   	50   labourer       Shabane
Andw. Lewis	      	20   labourer       Newton Limavady
Fanny Lewis	      	70   spinster       Newton Limavady
Fanny Lewis Jnr.	 	15   spinster       Newton Limavady
George Lewis	     	33   labourer       Newton Limavady
John Lewis	       	33   labourer       Newton Limavady
Susan Lewis	      	34   spinster       Newton Limavady
Robert Little	    	26   labourer       Ballendreat
Nancy Maxwell	    	30   spinster       Clanely
Robert Maxwell	   	10   labourer       Clanely
Willm. McBride	   	50   labourer       Dungiven
Patrick McCallen	 	33   labourer       Tulerman
James McGonagal	  	26   labourer       Tulerman
Jas. Mitchell	    	22   labourer       Derry
May Montgomery	   	41   spinster       Derry
Rebecca Montgomery       	10   spinster       Ballendreat
Saml. Montgomery	 	12   labourer       Derry
Wm. Montgomery	   	22   labourer       Derry
John Moore	       	22   farmer	   Newton Limavady
William Oliver	   	26   labourer       Sr. Johnstown
Will. Parker	     	50   labourer       Dungiven
Margaret Steel	   	26   spinster       Clanely
James Stewart	    	25   labourer       Dungiven
Jas. Todd			20   labourer       Ballendreat
Wm. White			18   labourer       Ballyshannon
Eleanor Wilson	   	34   spinster       Newton Limavady
Jas. Wilson	      	20   labourer       Muff
John Wilson	      	54   labourer       Muff
Nancy Wilson	     	26   spinster       Sr. Johnstown
Nancy Wilson Jnr.		24   spinster       Sr. Johnstown
Saml. Wilson	     	45   labourer       Muff
Thomas Wilson	    	25   labourer       Sr. Johnstown

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