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Belfast to New York : 4/6/1811

 AIKEN,Daniel,		      	Glasgow Scotland
 DANWOODY,John,		     	Belfast
 DANWOODY,Wm.,		      	Belfast
 DONALDSON,Thomas,		Cooper in Fife Scotland
 DONNELLY,William,		Belfast,
 KENMAER,Andrew,		    	Broom-Hedyork,
 PERMARTIN,James,		   	Bangor,
 MCMULLEN,Hugh,		     	Co. Down,Pk,
 MCMURREY,Matthew,		Belfast,  ,
 MONTGOMERY,Moses/Wife/3 Childre,	Killele,  ,
 NIELSON,Elizh./1 Child,	   	Dromore,  ,
 PARK,David,			Belfast,  ,
 PIPER,Samuel,		     	Menneyre,Pk,
 RITCHIE,Alex.,		      	England,  ,
 SCOTT,Henry,			Cooper in Fife Scotland
 STEWART,Alexander,		Dunsmurry,
 STEWART,Andrew/Wife/1 child,	Stewartstown
 STEWART,Jane  Junr.		Dunsmurry
 STEWART,Jane Senior,		Dunsmurry
 STEWART,Stephen,		    	England,
 STEWART,William,		     	Dunsmurry,
 WALLACE,George,		      	Town of Antrim,
 WHITE,Alexander,		     	Dromore,
 WILSON,Elizabeth,		Dunmuny,
 WILSON,Robert/Wife/3 Childr,	Dunmuny,

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