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A List of Passengers on the ship PORTLAND for Charleston 29 March 1803.

Charles Adams	   	48	Farmer of Limerick
Margaret Adams, wife  	39	 	Limerick
Mary Callaghan	 	14	 Limerick
John Connery	   	29	  	Labourer of Limerick
Mary Connory	   	24	  	Limerick
Ann Considen	   	22	  	Limerick
Martin Corry	   	58	  	Labourer of Limerick
Eliza Corry	    	33	  	Limerick
John Cummins	   	21	  	Labourer of Claraline
Ric Ennery	     	19	  	Writing Clerk of Limerick
Mary Egan	      		60	Limerick
Thomas Egan	    	29	 	Writing Clerk of Limerick
Mary Egan Junior       	27	 	Limerick
Margaret Fehilly       	24	  	Limerick
Joseph Fihilly	  	 7	Limerick
Michael Fihilly	 	 5	Limerick
John Fihilly	    	 3	  	Limerick
Mary Filhilly	   	 2	  Limerick
Betty Fitzpatrick      	26	  	Limerick
Margaret Hayes	 	18	Limerick
James Kerly	    	37	  	Farmer of Ballyhoben
Patrick Kernan	 	24	Labourer of Clare
Andrew Lee	     	26	  	Labourer of Caperas
Patrick Magrath		21	Labourer of Clare
James Meehan	   	26	  	Labourer of Clare
Hugh Morgan	    	22	  	Labourer of Limerick
John Mullins	   	26	  	Labourer of Limerick
Terence Murray	 	18	Labourer of Clare
William O'Brien		26	Labourer of Thomas Town
Ric O'Carroll	  	22	  Farmer of Bolinbroke
Daniel O'Carroll       	20	  	Farmer of Bolinbroke
Thomas O'Duyer	 	22	 Gentleman of Limerick
Michael O'Donnovan     	26	  	Gentleman of Limerick
Michael Quillan		48	Gentleman of Limerick
Mary Quillan	   	46	  	Limerick
Mary Quillan Jnr       	13	  	Limerick
John Walsh	     	27	  	Labourer of Limerick

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