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A list of passengers who intend going to Baltimore in the ship Serpent of Baltimore, Archd. McCockell, master, sworn at Londonderry, 30 April, 1803.

Isabella Corbitt   	23		  	Rathmullen
Peter Corbitt       	25    farmer		Rathmullen
Margt. Craig		36		Gortgarn
Davd. Falls	 	25    labourer  Omagh
Emelia Kenedy		 6		Gortgarn
Margaret Kenedy     	25		  	Gortgarn
Peter Kenedy		27    farmer	Gortgarn
Geo. Laird	  	25    farmer		Gortgarn
Mary Laird	  	24		  Gortgarn
Rachl. Laird		25    spinster  Gortgarn
Saml. Laird	 	22    farmer	Gortgarn
Catherine McBride   	24		  	Rosquill
James McBride       	25    farmer		Rosquill
Hannah McCann       	16    spinster 	Rosquill
Mary McCann	 	14    spinster 	Rosquill
Michl. McCann       	40    farmer		Rosquill
Nelly McCann		37		Rosquill
Patk. McCann		28    farmer	Rosquill
Peter McCann		18    farmer	Rosquill
Phelix McCann       	35    farmer		Rosquill
Susan McCann		40		Rosquill
Saml. McCarthy      	25    labourer  Omagh
James McCool		24    farmer	Maghera
Jn. McCool	  	20    farmer		Maghera
Mary McCool	 	45		 Maghera
Neal McPeak	 	30    labourer  Rosquill
Pat Mounigle		28    labourer  Rosquill
Elizh. Mundell      	12    spinster  Gortgarn
Isabella Mundell    	20    spinster  Gortgarn
Jane Mundell		16    spinster  Gortgarn
John Mundell		40    farmer	Gortgarn
Margaret Mundell    	39		  	Gortgarn
Mary Mundell		14    spinster  Gortgarn
Samuel Mundell      	46    farmer		Gortgarn
Wm. Mundell Jnr.    	25    farmer		Gortgarn
Elizabeth Neilson   	12    spinster  Strabane
James Neilson       	10		  	Strabane
Jane Neilson		14    spinster  Strabane
Jno. Neilson		27    labourer  Strabane
John Neilson		10		Strabane
Joseph Neilson      	26    farmer		Strabane
Margt. Neilson      	24		  	Strabane
Agnes Reed	  	37		  Maghera
James Reed	  	40    farmer		Maghera
Sally Reed	  	15    spinster 	Maghera
James Rolls	 	18    labourer  Maghera
Nelly Ross	  	35		  Maghera
Saml. Turner		30    labourer  Strabane

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