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Snow George

Belfast to Philadelphia : 22 September 1803

 ARMSTRONG,Mary	27,	     	Clonfeech Armagh,
 ARMSTRONG,Thos.	31,Farmer,      Clonfeech Armagh,
 BYST,Nathl.	30,Dealer,	  	Gencany Antrim,
 DAWSON,Sarah	17,		Connor Antrim,
 DEVELIN,Jane	32,		Ballymow Armagh,
 DEVELIN,Roger	35,Farmer,	Ballymow Armagh,
 DONNELLY,Edward	27,Farmer,     	Lessan Tyrone,
 DOODS,John	30,Farmer,	  	Dromal Antrim,
 FULTON,Alexr.	34,Farmer,	Loughsill Down,
 GABLY,Hugh	18,Labourer,	Killinchy Down,
 GANET,James	30,Dealer,	 	Annaluit Down,
 JOHNSON,John	19,Farmer,	 	Connor Antrim,
 KELLY,Thos.	36,Farmer,	 	Grange Down,
 LEE,Edward	23,Farmer,	  	Killeshandra Co. Cavan,
 LEE,Ephriam	26,Farmer,	 	Killeshandra Co. Cavan,
 LOWRY,Will.	29,Labourer,	Killinchy Down,
 MATHEWS,Eliza.	25,	     	Belfast Antrim,
 MATHEWS,Thos.	27,Dealer,	Belfast Antrim,
 MCKEY,Patrick	38,Farmer,	Drumgoland Down,
 MULLAN,Patrick	21,Dealer,    	Tynan Armagh,
 PUMPHY,John	29,Farmer,	 	Belfast Antrim,
 SERVICE,Thos.	18,Labourer,   	Brochan Antrim,
 STEWART,Alexr.	21,Farmer,     	Tullylisk Down,
 STRACHAN,James	20,Farmer,    	Connor Antrim,
 THOMPSON,John	28,Dealer, 	Ballymony Antrim,
 TIMOLY,Mathew	28,Labourer,  	Ballymasaw Down,
 TOOLE,Jane	28,			Belfast Antrim,
 TOOLE,Marcus	39,Servant, 	Belfast Antrim,
 WALSH,Robert	22,Dealer,	Downpatrick Down,
 WILSON,Henry	24,Schoolmaster,Belfast antrim,
 WILSON,Joseph	22,Dealer, 	Belfast Antrim,

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