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Passenger list of the ship STRAFFORD, for Philadelphia, sworn at Londonderry, 14 May 1803.

Mary Anderson	 2		  	Co. Down
Mary Anderson	24		       	Co. Down
Wm. Carr		20		       	Co. Down
John Chamber	20	farmer	 	Co. Tyrone
Edw. Clarke	40		farmer	 	Enniskillen
Thos. Conighan 	18		farmer	 	Ballymony
Wm. Gray	    	24		farmer	 	Co. Tyrone
James Hamilton  	23		labourer       	Loughgin
Nancy Harki	30	seamstress     	Birdstown
Nelly Harkin	 4		       	Birdstown
Wm. Harkin	 6		       	Birdstown
Eliza Loughridge	 2		       	Cookstown
James Loughridge	 5		       	Cookstown
Jane Loughridge 	 7		       	Cookstown
Mg. Loughridge   	24		       	Cookstown
Wm. Loughridge  	30		farmer	 	Cookstown
Elinor McGan		infant		Coagh
Elizabeth McGan	30		spinster     	Coagh
John McGan	34		farmer		Coagh
Sarah McGan	 2		     	Coagh
John Miley	45		farmer	 	Enniskillen
Wm. Mitchel	20		farmer	 	Cumber
James Moore	19		farmer	 	Co. Down
John Moore	19		labourer      	Loughgin
Andw. Ralston	 7		     	Co. Tyrone
Anne Ralston	 2		      	Co. Tyrone
Anne Ralston	 5		       	Co. Tyrone
Anne Ralston	34	seamstress     	Co. Tyrone
Davd. Ralston	 9		       Co. Tyrone
David Ralston	 9		       Co. Tyrone
David Ralston   	15		labourer       	Co. Tyrone
James Ralston	 5		       Co. Tyrone
James Ralston   	15		       	Co. Tyrone
James Ralston   	45		farmer	 	Co. Tyrone
Jane Ralston	 8		       	Co. Tyrone
John Ralston	 2		       	Co. Tyrone
John Ralston	11		       	Co. Tyrone
John Ralston	40	farmer	 	Co. Tyrone
Josh Ralston	 5		       	Co. Tyrone
Mary Ralston	12		       	Co. Tyrone
Mary Ralston	40		       	Co. Tyrone
Robt. Ralston   	19		labourer       	Co. Tyrone
Sarah Ralston   	40		seamstress     	Co. Tyrone
Wm. Ralston	 3		       	Co. Tyrone
Elinor Shean	60		       	Co. Down
Wm. Smily	   	23		labourer       	Ketreights
Alexr. Stewart   	20		labourer       	Ketreights
Eliz. Walker	18	spinster       	Coagh
Mary Anne Walker	20		spinster       	Coagh
Wm. Walker	30		farmer	 	Coagh
John Wilson	22		farmer	 	Co. Down

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