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Emigrants from Newry

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 Emigrant Passengers to America

 Passengers embarked on the Aeolus from Newry to New York 14th December 1811

John Brown and family

Robert McAdoo and wife

William Burns and family

John Davidson and family

Margaret Ferris and family

Daniel McKey and family

John George and family

John Class and family

John McMullen and family

Robert Cunningham and family

George Grady and neice

David Hawthorn and family

James Ryers and wife

Henry Holland and family

Hannah Couden and family

John Triven and wife

Samuel Kirk and family

John Jeffreys and family

John Murphy

James Harpur

Lucy Fuller

John McConnell

Samuel Evans

Alice McKenney

John Moore

George Black

James Kerr

Mary Orr

William Bell

Mary Roark

Edward McQuaid

John Flanagan

Patrick Flanagan

Peter Casy

George Wilkins

Hugh Crothers

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