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Extended Search - Research Questionnaire

Extended 12 Hour Search : £290 Sterling

In this 12 hour extended report, the archive of The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland will be searched. The archive contains 36 miles of shelving holding millions of records in the form of original documents or transcripts, many not available outside Northern Ireland, all relating to Ulster families, the earliest being 1219, but most from 1600 onwards. These include most Church registers of baptism marriage and burial for every Parish in Northern Ireland. There are also all surviving census returns including the complete 1901 census, family papers and personal letters, Wills and probates, land leases and agreements, rental records, estate papers, thousands of complete family pedigrees, 18th and 19th century voting and land taxation records, gravestone inscriptions, 19th century school reports and attendance records and workhouse records, to name just a few.

If reliable documented evidence of your family is to be found anywhere it is likely to be found in this archive. With this in depth and comprehensive Report the client will also receive copies of original documents where possible and detailed location maps.

All Reports are ring bound as standard and a digital copy of the text can be sent to you for downloading directly to your PC at no extra cost.

Please fill in as much information as you can. Please list any sources already checked by you.

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Date Of Birth :
Fathers Name :
Mothers Name :
Place Of Parents Marriage :
Date Of Parents Marriage :
Siblings Data :
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Ancestors Spouse :
Place of Ancestors Marriage :
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Children Data :
Names Of Children Dates Of Birth Places Of Birth ( if in Ireland )
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